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Ooze Donates All Pink Product Proceeds to Breast Cancer Charity

The entire Ooze Wholesale team stands in black t shirts with the pink Ooze logo in the Ooze showroom. They surround a giant donation check made out to the Shades of Pink Foundation, held in the center by Foundation Executive Director Karla Sherry

Jane Wagner |

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

All October, we ran sales, giveaways and bundles for all our pink products to raise money for women and families battling breast cancer. We’re ecstatic to announce that with your support (and love of pink products), we raised $4,800 this Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Shades of Pink Executive Director Karla Sherry and Ooze Marketing Director Eddie Koury hold a giant check for the money raised by Ooze's fundraiser. They stand on either side of the check in the Ooze Wholesale showroom

100% of the proceeds from every single pink product sold this October was donated to the Shades of Pink Foundation of Michigan. The amount we raised will be enough to directly help 4-5 families in the metro-Detroit area make ends meet during breast cancer treatment.

How we're helping

The Shades of Pink Foundation aims for a sustainable approach to helping families affected by breast cancer by providing financial assistance wherever its most needed. By raising money to directly cover costs of childcare, insurance, bills and more, Shades of Pink allows women battling breast cancer to focus on recovery and moving forward with their treatment.

Graphic showing where donations to the Shades of Pink Foundation are distributed to women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Source: Shades of Pink Foundation home page

According to Karla Sherry, Executive Director of the foundation, “A lot of families have to decide between making a mortgage payment or doing a round of treatment because the drugs cost so much.”

Shades of Pink makes that decision for them by offering cash for the most requested form of payment assistance: mortgage and car payments. Additionally, if a patient doesn’t have necessary means of transportation, Shades of Pink will pay for Ubers or Lyfts to get to and from treatment and appointments.

The unfortunate truth

On top of having to worry about stretching their money further during treatment, it’s far from uncommon for a woman to lose her job amidst everything else. “About 8,000 Michigan women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Not only that, but it’s estimated that 80% of those women diagnosed this year will actually lose their jobs during treatment due to the time off needed for sick days and appointments,” said Sherry.

These statistics are staggering. The average amount of donations granted to a family right now by Shades of Pink is about $1,200, which can go a long way, but the huge number of families affected by breast cancer really proves that charities need all the help they can get. A big thanks goes out to all our customers who showed support; we’re so happy to have been able to give back to women and families weighed down by the hardships of breast cancer.

To donate directly to the Shades of Pink Foundation of Michigan, visit

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