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Two New Cryo Bowl Colors Have Arrived at Ooze

A female hand with light pink nail polish holds the pink and blue Ooze Cryo Glycerin bowls against the Ooze Universe pattern background

Jordan Stokes |

Offering everything you want in a piece with all the benefits of a smooth and cool hit, Ooze Cryo Bowls are now available in two new colors!      

Just like your traditional ice bongs, Ooze Cryo Bowls are freezable hand pipes that help make your hits much smoother and less painful on your throat.    

About the Ooze Cryo Bowl 

Our Cryo Bowl is a glass hand pipe with an inner coil chamber that is filled with liquid glycerin that totally chills out your smoke sesh. The bowl gets its name from cryogenics, which refers to the production and behavior of materials at very low temperatures.    

A female hand with light pink nail polish holds the blue Ooze Cryo Glycerin Freezable Bowl in front of a stainless steel fridge

The liquid glycerin chamber freezes solid, so you can stick the Cryo in the freezer for cooler, smoother smoke. This bowl is especially unique because with winter fast approaching, you can just stick it outside in the snow for the same freezing effect!  

Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself! The cryogenic effect and the flat mouthpiece make this pipe a very cool way to blaze with your friends.    

The Ooze Cryo Bowl was originally only available in three colors: green, yellow and orange. Now, we’ve added more traditional colors: blue and pink to the lineup so you have more of a variety to pick your favorite! Did we also mention these make great stocking stuffers?! Pick up a gift for a few of your friends.    

Why a freezer-friendly pipe? 

Have you ever seen or heard of anyone putting ice in their bongs? In exactly the same way you would add ice to a drink to cool it, you can add ice in a bong in order to reduce the temperature of the smoke, which gives you a much smoother and cooler hit.  

The ice and low temperature of the smoke take the harshness off your throat by cooling the smoke. This essentially means you can take a huge rip comfortably and not worry about hurting your throat. 

The pink Ooze Cryo Glycerin Freezable bowl sits in a freezer drawer on top of a Daily Harvest container with a magenta lid, next to one with a blue lid and one with a black lid.

The Cryo Bowl offers the comfort of the cool smoke that you get from putting ice in your bong, but with the convenience of a hand pipe. It’s simple, easy, compact, portable, and who doesn't love something that is freezer-friendly? We know we do!  

Get the smoothest hit you will ever have in your life and be the talk of your circle with the new Cryo Bowl colors.   

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