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Get Slugged by the New Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout Colors

Get Slugged by the New Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout Colors

Layne Alfred |

Slugger Dabbin Dugout Travel Kit

If you thought dabbing on the go was too good to be true, well, you were right – until the Slugger Dabbin Dugout Travel Kit came into existence! There are no other dab kits like this on the market that mimic the one-hitter “dugout” of stoner generations past, making the Slugger the first of its kind.

 Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout Travel Kit

With three funky new colors joining the lineup, our dabbing dreams have finally come true. Green, a green and black combo and even Rasta tie-dye (so gnarly) are now available alongside the original teal, black, and red-black-grey options.


The first thing we love about this gem is its stylish discretion. You can actually show off your beautiful kit because no one will know what it is! At first glance, the Slugger looks like a silicone brick or an external hard drive. Your professor will truly have no idea it houses glass and titanium nails, a glass bowl insert to dab from, a dab straw and four wax compartments. With the raised Ooze logo and the new Rasta design, though, your classmate may have an idea of what’s inside. In that case, you may even make a new friend!  

 Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout Travel Kit in Rasta tie dye

Whenever the time for dabbin’ comes, even out on the go, just place your concentrates on the glass bowl (concealed on the top of the kit, of course), assemble your nail of choice with the silicone dab straw, heat up the nail with a torch and voila. You’re slugged in half the time it would normally take you.


Along with being the ultimate travel piece, the Slugger is a cleaner and quicker alternative to your bulky dab rig. Gone are the days of burnt fingers or even having to wait for the nail to cool down after a dab. By simply popping the nail off back into its case using the silicone dab straw, you avoid touching the parts at all. Even if the nail is still hot, just close the flap and be on your way.

 Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout Travel Kits

It’s even easy to clean on the go, which we know is music to every wax connoisseur’s ears. The sticky nature of the material itself makes typical rigs tough to clean. Just remove the bowl from the top of the kit and wipe it down. The glass bowl is even oval-shaped to ensure that every last bit of wax can be easily consumed through the straw without getting stuck in any corners.


Whether you’ve got a family reunion in your future, frequently travel for work or just like to dab at a friend’s place, the Slugger travel kit has been a necessity for anyone who enjoys being slugged by a good dab. With even more colors and patterns ready to dress up your dabs, the Slugger hides your paraphernalia in plain sight while truly masking all scent or trace of wax. Genius!

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