New Ooze Saturn Globe Grinder Colors are Out of This World!

New Ooze Saturn Globe Grinder Colors are Out of This World!

Our one-of-a-kind Saturn Globe Grinder just got even more extraordinary with five new colors entering the lineup. Chrome, pink, purple, rainbow and stealth black will bring the color count on the Saturn to 10 – more than enough to make an Ooze solar system of our own!

 Four new Ooze Saturn globe grinder colors are lined up against a white marble background. From left to right, they are pink, rainbow oil slick, purple, and chrome.

And that’s not the only thing that makes the Saturn grinder out of this world. The Saturn is an innovative grinder in a shape rarely seen for this type of device, but there is a method to our madness. The top compartment of the globe is a container that is completely closed off from the rest of the grinder, making it perfect for storing nugs that have yet to be meet their beautiful fate. As a 2-in-1 storage container and grinder, you can reduce the size of your travel kit and make the commute to your friend’s a bit lighter.


It’s a 4-piece grinder like many standard grinders, but even the compartments below the storage container function a bit differently. The ground weed drops through directly to the rounded bottom chamber so you can store your ground herb on the bottom and your full, hearty nugs on top! This is perfect for those of us who like to grind once every few days instead of a few times a day. The airtight compartment will keep your ground weed nice and dank until you’re ready to consume it.

 A white female hand with bright green nail polish holds the new Ooze Saturn globe grinders in rainbow oil slick, pink, and purple in her hand above a white marble background.

The innovation in the design doesn’t stop there, though. The Saturn grinder is made of aircraft grade aluminum and has a scratch-resistant finish. The middle grinding compartments have a magnetic closure that’s strong enough to keep it closed even during transit, but is still easy enough to open and twist to grind your flower. The teeth are razor sharp, but are spaced out enough that your herbs get perfectly ground and aren’t too finely shredded. High quality and intelligently engineered, the Saturn grinder truly was designed with the smoker in mind.


Although the Saturn grinder doesn’t have a screen, we’ve found that quite a bit of kief gathers along the rings (in true Saturn fashion!). We just can’t have you losing these precious materials, so we included a kief scraper to make sure you can capture every last bit.

 A white female hand with bright green nail polish holds the pink Ooze Saturn globe grinder in her right hand against a white marble background. She holds the grinder open in two pieces.

All technical details aside, these are some of the most visually pleasing grinders we’ve ever seen. We all love shopping for pretty pieces and epic bongs, so shouldn’t our grinders dazzle and be just as fun to use? After all, most of a stoner’s prep time is spent with the trusty grinder! The beautiful iridescent finish and playful shape will elevate your smoke session.

 A white female hand with bright green nails holds the new Rainbow oil slick Ooze Saturn globe grinder in her left hand against a white marble background.

The Saturn grinder is truly built to last, delighting its owner all the while. Plus, it’s sure to impress your fellow flower connoisseurs.  Check out the new options and pick out a galactic new design for yourself or a friend today!

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