Introducing Ooze Resolution!

Introducing Ooze Resolution!

Your favorite glass cleaning products are now 100% Ooze-ified! We’re excited to introduce Ooze Resolution after acquiring Resolution Colorado. Don’t worry—they’re the same exact products you always knew and loved. You’ll just see updated packaging, and one little Ooze update we couldn’t resist: the blue cleaning gel is now green.

 A pouch of green Ooze Resolution cleaning gel is sitting in a big puddle of green gel. The cap is removed and cleaning gel is spewing out of the spout like a fountain, and there are splashes all around the bag. The background is black.

So, let’s talk about this fabulous cleaning gel! Again, the Ooze Resolution gel is the same formula as the formerly blue Resolution Res Gel. Why fix something that wasn’t broken? This cleaning gel removes tough resin and tar from virtually any material. Since it’s non-toxic, natural, and VOC (volatile organic compound) and alcohol free, you can even use it on clothing to remove sticky stains.


This also makes it much gentler option than alcohol, which can be abrasive even on glass. It can scratch and wear down your piece over time. Without any of these harsh chemical solvents, it’s safe for the planet, too.  


Speaking of the environment, Resolution is reusable! Pour the gel back into the bag after coating your piece and use up to 10 times.


To use Ooze Resolution:

 A before and after shot of Ooze Resolution cleaning gel used on a large, dirty glass bong. The bong to the left is dirty and being cleaned. It has green Res Caps on the holes to keep it contained, and the gel is coating the entire inside of the piece that is turned upside down. On the right is the clean version that has no cleaning gel on it, just the green Res Caps.

  1. Shake bag to active the Ooze Resolution Gel. You will want to pour just enough gel to coat the inside of the glass. Put the caps on both ends of the glass and make sure the inside of the glass is completely coated in gel.


  1. Once coated, immediately pour the excess back into the bag through the resealable top. The cleaner you keep the gel the more use you will get out of it. Let the gel sit from 5-30 minutes depending on how dirty the piece is.


  1. Remove the caps off of the glass. Rinse glass with warm water until there are no more bubbles.


If you’re cleaning a smaller piece like a handheld pipe or chillum, simply drop it into the bag of Ooze Resolution, wait 5-30 minutes, carefully remove it from the bag, and thoroughly rinse.


For more information on Ooze Resolution and the brand update, check out these frequently asked questions.

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