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Introducing the Ooze Brink

Introducing the Ooze Brink

Samantha Catrambone |

Meet the Ooze Brink: a pocket-sized dry herb vaporizer built with Nano-Glazed ceramic technology for an efficient and potent session. It's our first ever sub-ohm vaporizer for flower designed to deliver delicious terpene flavor and produce maximum vaporization of every cannabinoid you pack into its chamber.

A girl with a light pink manicure is holding the twilight Ooze Brink dry herb vape turned on

Setting up and using the Brink is easy, making it an ideal dry herb vape for beginners. Engineered for portability without compromising on performance or flavor, this little powerhouse lets you enjoy your favorite strain on the go. Simply load the chamber, turn it on, select your preferred temperature, and enjoy a premium flower vaping experience. With the Brink by your side, you're always on the brink of an exceptional session!


Brink Features & Functionality

Nano-Glazed Ceramic Technology for Maximum Efficiency

The Brink is equipped with C-Core technology for flower which utilizes Nano-Glazed ceramic technology to ensure fast and heavy metal-free heating. Our specialized ceramic formula creates a heat chain, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the chamber. Unlike other ceramics, ours pulls hot air over your weed, heating it evenly from top to bottom, creating a vortex effect that ensures no herb is left untouched.


3 Heat Methods For Uniform Vaping

A graphic explaining how the Ooze C-Core uses 3 methods of heat

This sub ohm dry herb vaporizer features our innovative far infrared energy system, using infrared, convection, and conduction heating to penetrate deep into the chamber for uniform heating. Unlike conventional vapes that only heat the sides of your bud, our pill-shaped chamber ensures even heating, preventing any wasted weed. What's left behind after your vape session is perfectly toasted remnants that can actually be reused to make edibles.


Industry Leading 0.5g Gram Chamber

With one of the largest chambers among dry herb vapes available, the Brink's 0.5g ceramic chamber allows for ample packing and easy clean up. This reduces the need for multiple refills and extends the length of your session so you can take your sesh on the road.


1800 mAh Capacity with Battery Indicator

The Brink offers an impressive 10-12 sessions per charge (depending on your temperature preference) because of its efficient 1800 mAh battery. It also features a battery indicator light so you can easily monitor your vape’s battery life. Just click the power button 4x and it will reveal your charge status, ensuring you never leave the house with a dead battery!


What’s Included with Brink

  • The Brink vaporizer device
  • (1) Onyx Atomizer
  • (5) Large Hole Screens
  • (5) Fine Hole Screens
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Packing Tool
  • Type-C charging cable

The Brink comes with two different screen sizes that conveniently catch any debris from getting sucked up into your airway. We recommend the larger hole screens for any weed that stays sticky and chunky after you grind it. The finer screens are better for when you have a really dry bud that grinds down almost into a powder. It also comes with a packing tool for convenience, a cleaning brush for easy after session care, and a type-c charging cable to power your device.

*There will be a screen that comes under the mouthpiece already. Remember to pull it out and scrub under it with the brush and a micro swab every few sessions to keep your airway clean!


How To Use the Brink: Step By Step Instructions

Loading the Brink

The twilight Ooze Brink dry herb vaped is fully packed with bud
  1. Start by removing the magnetic mouthpiece from the device.
  2. Fill the Nano-Glazed chamber with up to a half gram of your favorite strain. We recommend a medium grind for optimal results.
    • *Tip: For finely ground herbs, consider using a screen placed beneath the mouthpiece to catch any debris before inhalation.
  3. Press down on the herbs gently to ensure even distribution without compacting them too tightly, allowing for optimal airflow.
  4. Replace the mouthpiece securely to complete the loading process.

Setting Your Temperature

Pressing the minus button on the twilight Ooze Brink to change the temperature.

Once your bowl is packed, click the power button 5x to turn the device on. It will automatically start heating to the temperature you used during your last session.

If you'd prefer a different temperature, use the +/- buttons to change it. Hold the power button down for 2 seconds (until it buzzes) and it will start heating again.

The 3 temperature ranges are:

  • Low: 320°F-340°F (1 LED)
  • Medium: 350°-370°F (2 LED)
  • High: 372°-400°F (3 LED)

Finding Your Temperature Sweet Spot

Since you aren't choosing a precise temperature, the beginning of your 4:20 session will be at the lower end of your chosen temp range, and it will end with the higher temperature. For example, if you choose 320°-340°, your session will start to heat to 320° and slowly make its way to 340°.

We recommend experimenting with the different levels to find your temperature sweet spot because they provide very different experiences. The low range will produce very little vapor, but you will REALLY taste the terpenes! Higher temperatures will produce more vapor with that distinct dry herb vape flavor.

**One thing to keep in mind is that using a dry herb vape tastes VERY different from smoking a joint or out of a piece. Since you aren't using a flame, the vaporization of your bud has more of a "baked" or "toasted" taste than what you're used to. Don't be alarmed, this is normal.


Charging the Brink

The bottom of the twilight Ooze Brink dry herb vape, showing the type-c charging port and authentication code

Every Brink comes with its own type-c charging cable. Plug this into the port on the bottom of the device and into an adapter for a wall outlet. We usually use the block that came with our phones. The battery indicator light will let you know how far along the charge is. The blue LED lights will light up as the device charges. Once it reaches 100%, it will stop flashing.

* Always charge the Brink with a wall adapter, and always plug into a wall outlet. Never charge it in a vehicle or use a port that is not connected to a wall to ensure your device remains covered under our warranty program.


Cleaning the Brink

Achieving maximum efficiency with minimal effort is the name of the game! Once you've finished your session and your bowl is cashed (filled with evenly toasted brown leaves) it's time for a quick clean-up. Begin by removing the mouthpiece and setting it aside. Next, carefully empty the dry remains into a jar or onto your rolling tray, don't discard them just yet! These remnants can be repurposed to create infused treats for delicious edibles. Then, utilize the cleaning brush that's included with your Brink to clear away any stubborn debris from the chamber.

If there are any sticky residues remaining, a gentle wipe with a Micro Swab will do the trick. Just make sure to allow the chamber to air out and dry completely before reloading for your next session.


How Long Does the Brink's Battery Last?

The heat network created by the 3 heating methods makes the C-Core heat up very efficiently. The ceramic heats up quickly and stays at the desired temperature, so it doesn't waste battery power by constantly heating up during your sesh. You can expect 10-12 sessions on a full Brink charge, depending on the temperature you select.

The Brink doesn't have an OLED screen, so it saves plenty of battery power that way. However, it can still tell you how much battery power you're working with! Just click the power button 4x to display the battery life indicator. The LED triangle will turn blue when it's showing you battery %, and will go back to green to show you your voltage.

The battery % ranges are:

  • High: 100-61% (3 LED)
  • Medium: 60-30% (2 LED)
  • Low: 30% or less (1 LED) - which means you should charge before you leave the house.

The Ooze Brink is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a portable dry herb vape. With Nano-Glazed ceramic technology for sub ohm vaping, it delivers a superior vaping experience, maximizing flavor and efficiency with every session. Its user-friendly design, spacious chamber, and long-lasting battery make it a great option for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Whether you're at home or on the go, the Brink ensures that you're always on the brink of something great!


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