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Introducing the Ooze Duplex 2

Introducing the Ooze Duplex 2

Jane Wagner |

The Ooze Duplex is a classic Ooze vaporizer. It has been our ol’ reliable box mod style vaporizer for years, and has become a true fan favorite. The Duplex won Best Vaporizer at the Cannabis Cup, so it’s a legacy that we want to preserve. 

We thought it was time for a refresh on this device, and realized it was the perfect choice for a C-Core makeover. We kept all the things that we loved about the original Duplex, and added a ton of new features that just might make this your new go-to. 




So, what makes this new Duplex 2 version so great? 

  • Provides 3 unique ways to vape 
  • This is Ooze’s first fully-concealable device 
  • New IntelliThread tech matches coil resistance for better airflow 
  • We developed a new nectar straw tip using C-Core ceramic 
  • You can use it while it’s charging 
  • We got rid of those pesky magnet 510 cartridge adapters 


Three Ways to Vape with the Duplex 2 

510 Oil Cartridges 

Uncovering the 510 oil cartridge attached to a blue Ooze Duplex 2

We stayed to true to the OG Duplex and kept the 510 thread right where it is. That means this is our first 510-compatible C-Core device! We’ll explain the IntelliThread technology later in this blog, but essentially it makes switching between vaping carts and taking dabs seamless. 

Pull the base out of the Duplex 2 and screw your cartridge right into the thread. Pop it back into the device and it should buzz to confirm your connection. There is a small hole right under the thread that has a silicone plug; use your finger as a carb cap to control the airflow for bigger hits! 


Onyx Atomizer for Concentrates 

Loading a dab into the Ooze Duplex 2 onyx atomizer using a gold Twist Hot Knife

The Onyx Atomizer is our pride and joy, our patented ceramic atomizer buckets that we use in every C-Core extract device. The Duplex 2 is no different! Each one includes a black Onyx Atomizer bucket to load your tastiest extracts into. It heats so quickly and evenly; you’ll be amazed at how efficiently it vaporizes your extract. 

Attach the Onyx Atomizer the same way you would a 510 cart, just pull the base out and screw it in. Load your dab right onto the center of the dish, and put the base back into the device. We recommend holding the trigger button for a second or two before your first hit so it can milk in the chamber. 


XL Nectar Straw Tip for Concentrates 

A girl is using a black Ooze Duplex 2 as a nectar straw, dipping it into her jar of extracts

The special azul ceramic we use in the Onyx Atomizer has been translated into a brand new attachment: a nectar straw tip! The XL Nectar Tip has a huge ceramic surface that you dip directly into your jar of extracts, so you skip the loading step entirely. It has 4 little airflow slots around the plate that suck all that tasty vapor up, creating flavorful, powerful rips. 

Uncork the little rubber stopper from the carb hole spot on the bottom of the device. Screw the XL Nectar Tip into this side of the thread, make sure you don't have a cart or atomizer screwed into the other side, and you’re ready to dab. This device has auto draw, so there’s no need to pull the trigger button while you’re hitting it! It’s much more comfortable to use this way. 


First Ooze fully-concealable vape 

Showing how a 510 oil cartridge is fully concealed inside a black Ooze Duplex 2

Until now, all Ooze vapes have shown at least some part of the cartridge attached, even if it’s just the top of the mouthpiece. Since you connect the cartridge to the inside of the base of the Duplex 2, the device covers the entire cart! This gives it a more discreet appearance that looks more like a generic box mod vape than a regular Ooze pen. 

Concealable devices also provide a layer of protection for your fragile cartridge. Instead of letting that glass chamber sit out in the open, vulnerable to the elements, the Duplex 2 provides a layer of armor that minimizes the risk of it cracking if you drop it. 


What is Ooze IntelliThread Technology? 

Have you ever had a cartridge that just didn’t feel like it hit right, no matter how you tried to unclog it or what voltage you used? It probably has a coil resistance that wasn’t compatible with your battery. That can make it feel like you’re getting too much air, not vapor. IntelliThread tech prevents that issue, and then some! 

The IntelliThread is the dual thread (or where you screw stuff in) in the base of the Duplex 2. This piece features a smart sensor that instantly detects the coil resistance of the thing you’re screwing into the device. It knows if you’re using a cartridge, the Onyx Atomizer, or the XL Nectar Tip, and instantly matches the coil resistance. This ensures that the vape can produce the maximum amount of vapor and flavor, depending on your voltage. 


Sub-Ohm Vaporizer Technology 

The Onyx Atomizer’s coil resistance is 0.8 ohms, which is less than 1 ohm, so when you use the Duplex 2 with the Onyx Atomizer, you’re experiencing sub-ohm vaping! You can expect to produce the biggest clouds and the most pronounced terpene flavors thanks to this low coil resistance.


Pulse Wave Technology 

The Duplex 2 will buzz to communicate with you. When it’s turned on, it will buzz whenever you connect the base with an accessory attached. One buzz means it’s connected. If it does not buzz, or if it blinks white and then buzzes when you try to take a puff, you have a connection issue. 

You can fix connection issues a few ways. First, make sure there’s no residue stuck in the threads. Give it a wipe down with a Micro Swab and poke the cleaning brush through the threads just to be sure! You also may have not screwed in the attachment enough. Tighten or loosen it a little bit to see if there is a sweet spot you can hit to make the connection.  

If your Duplex 2 is buzzing 4 times when you try to take a hit, you unfortunately have a short circuit. Make sure your device is registered, then file a warranty claim so our support team can get you back in business! 


What’s Included with the Duplex 2? 

  1. The Duplex 2 vaporizer device 
  2. (1) Onyx Atomizer 
  3. (1) XL Nectar Tip 
  4. (5) Pre-soaked Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs 
  5. Stainless steel dab tool 
  6. Super slim cleaning brush 
  7. Type-C charging cable 


Charging the Ooze Duplex 2 

Plugging a type-c charging cable into a rainbow Ooze Duplex 2

We upgraded the charging capabilities of this bad boy. It’s still a 900 mAh device that lasts a long time between charges. However, it now uses a type-c charging cable that allows you to use it while it’s charging! There’s no reason for a dead battery to kill the vibe. 

The Duplex 2 also features a battery life indicator, so you always have an idea of how much charge is left. Under the magnetic trigger plate is a stack of 4 LED lights. The color of the lights tells you your voltage, and the number of illuminated lights tells you how much battery you have. The less lights, the sooner you’ll need to charge.  


Cleaning the Duplex 2 

Not only is the Duplex 2 our most versatile vape, but it’s one of the easiest C-Core devices to clean! There are no inner components for concentrate residue to get stuck in. The base comes right out, and you can use the small cleaning brush included with your Duplex to clean anything that’s stuck in the threads. Turn the mouthpiece clockwise to unlock it for cleaning.  

Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs are any C-Core user’s best friend. These pre-soaked, super slim cotton swabs are perfect for cleaning all the nooks and crannies of your devices without soaking them with alcohol. Wipe down the inside of the device to get any splatter residue out of the chamber, and use them to scrub down your mouthpiece and accessories. 


Replacing your Duplex 2 Onyx Atomizer and XL Tips 

The Onyx Atomizer and XL Nectar Tip’s ceramic can be cleaned by wetting the azul ceramic with a drop or two of alcohol, and heating the device until the dish is dry. You’ll know it’s time for a brand new bucket or tip when it tastes stale or a little burnt, no matter how well you seem to clean it. Just toss it and replace it with a new one! 

Atomizers and tips are the disposable part of your reusable devices. That’s why we stock multi-packs of replacement parts for way lower prices than any other brand. We want you to have a delicious experience every single time, not have to ration your atomizers or deal with a gross, gunked up one because replacing it is out of your budget! Our 5-pack Onyx Atomizers are by far the best deal you’ll find anywhere.  

Check out our refill bundles to score a deal on replacement parts AND cleaning supplies! 



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