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Best Valentine's Day Flower Strains

Best Valentine's Day Flower Strains

Layne Alfred |

This Valentine’s Day, why don’t you give your significant other the flower they really want? We’ve put together a list of strains that fit all kinds of V-Day vibes, from a sensual date night, to a bubbly Galentine’s Day, or just a self-care “you” night. These exotic flower weed strains have strong floral notes to really give you or your bubba a sweet and romantic feeling, along with getting you completely lit, of course.


1. Lilac Cookies


Two nugs of Lilac Cookies from Leafly

This limited edition hybrid strain is perfect for a Galentine’s Day get together. Like the name suggests, Lilac Cookies has a pungent floral aroma and flavor along with sweet lemon. It will have you and the girls giggly and hungry—so make sure there are lots of snacks around. 


2. Pink Rozay


A nug of Pink Rozay cannabis from Leafly

Since Valentine’s Day is during the week this year, let’s skip the wine or rosé hangover and opt for this bright floral indica strain. Pick up Pink Rozay if you’re spending a cozy night in with your partner since it will make you both sleepy, calm, but aroused at the same time. It’s also very high in THC, so put on a movie, order some sushi, and don’t plan on going out. Pink Rozay is also a great option if you’ll be spending the night by yourself and just want to knock out to skip it all.


3. Lust


A nug of Lust cannabis strain from Leafly

The most obvious flavors in this hybrid strain are violet, rose and pear— refreshingly specific floral notes. Lust is accurately named, as it will have you tingly and relaxed without making you sleepy, so take a toke of this before hitting the town with your girls this Valentine’s Day.


4. Girl Crush


Two nugs of the Girl Crush cannabis strain from Leafly

A cross between Biscotti and Bad Girl, Girl Crush is an exotic hybrid strain with high THC content. Obviously, it’s the perfect fruity floral flower to gift your girl crush or your best friend. Not only will it have you and your V-Day date feeling euphoric, it has gorgeous purple buds with frosty trichomes. Even prettier than a dozen roses.


5. White Chocolate


A nug of the White Chocolate cannabis strain from Leafly

Everyone loves getting chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but what about cannabis with similar flavors? White Chocolate is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that was created from Chocolope and White Moonshine. This is an energizing strain that contributes to creativity and socialization, so bring this along for a big group date night or a fun activity out with friends. Other notes include honey, coffee and cherry. Yum!


6. Sweeties


3 nugs of the Sweeties purple cannabis strain from Leafly

For an easy, feel-good high for the holiday, Sweeties is a great choice. If you’re spending the night at home for some me-time, Sweeties will give you optimism and energy to fully enjoy being single for the night. Besides strong floral notes, you’ll taste honey, ginger, lemon and pear.


7. Rose Bud


A large orange nug of the Rose Bud cannabis strain from Leafly

For a relaxing buzz before a romantic dinner date, choose Rose Bud. This indica provides a perfect arc of effects. You’ll start out talkative and mentally stimulated—great for vibing with your special someone over delicious food—and as the high progresses, the relaxation and sleepiness kicks in. Aromas include rose, tea and other florals.


8. Sex on the Beach


A nug of the Sex on the Beach cannabis strain from Leafly

Sex on the Beach is a floral sativa-leaning hybrid that provides pure happiness with a touch of the giggles. This would be a great choice regardless of your plans on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re doing something special with your significant other, going to an extravagant dinner with your best friend or just chilling at home in a bubble bath.


Who needs roses when you can gift a better kind of flower bouquet this Valentine’s Day? And even if you’re spending the holiday by yourself, these strains are proof enough that you can buy yourself flowers and the night will be just as great. Take your puffs with a dry herb vape and you can turn your cashed bowls into edibles!


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