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Ooze Gives Back! 2022 Charitable Events

Ooze Gives Back! 2022 Charitable Events

Layne Alfred |

Ooze Gives Back

As a Detroit-based company, we have a responsibility to give back to our community—and have fun while doing it! With your help and love for Ooze products, we continue to expand, allowing us to do even more for the organizations here that do all the hard work. Thank you for helping make our 2022 charitable events more successful than ever!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ooze Gives Back - Breast Cancer Donation

Since 2019, Shades of Pink is an amazing organization that we’ve collected donations for each year. This foundation works directly with Metro Detroit patients to pay their treatment bills, mortgages, bills, for child care, and other costly expenses that make fighting cancer more difficult. We are so honored to be able to help multiple families this year!


We’re excited to announce that we raised $20,265.49 in 2021, and $31,778.46 in 2022. That’s more than twice as much as we were able to give Shades of Pink in 2020! Thank you for loving our pink products and helping us raise these crucial funds for women warriors who need it.



 Oozegiving - Thanksgiving Dinner Distribution

It’s been a tough couple of years for many financially, and unfortunately, the holidays sometimes highlight that. That’s why it’s so important to us to help alleviate some of the stress and heaviness that falls on struggling families this time of year.

Oozegiving - Thanksgiving Event

One of those ways is by providing Thanksgiving dinners directly to people in our community. Our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive through the Ooze Foundation, otherwise known as Oozegiving, is one of our favorite ways to give back to Detroit.

Oozegiving - Thanksgiving Ingredients

For the last two years, we set up a drive-thru at Skinner Park for 300 families to come grab a Thanksgiving turkey with all the fixins’. This year, we had stuffing, mac and cheese, cans of veggies, green bean casserole and a sweet potato pie to go with the classic turkey.

Oozegiving - Thanksgiving Bags

Good food, laughter and new memories are what we served up this year!


Oozemas Toy Drive

 Oozemas - Toy Drive Event

Another way to take holidays burdens off struggling families is our annual toy drive. 2021 was our third annual Oozemas, where we set up shop outside with a Santa drive-thru and handed out 1,000 gifts to underprivileged kids in the Detroit community.

Oozemas - Santa Event

This year, the Ooze elves were busy at work for weeks preparing for Oozemas on December 18 at the Heilman Community Center in Detroit. We wrapped all the donated toys in the warehouse, which took a team of dozens a few days to complete, ultimately adding up to another 1,000 gifts!

 Oozemas - Crafts Event

The most exciting part of all is that we get to host a big party like we did the first year, pre-COVID. Not only were local kids be able to take home gifts, Santa came with 3 adorable, fluffy alpacas in tow for photos, a coney dog lunch was provided for all the families, we set up a craft room, and even had a dance party! Needless to say, this was by far the most magical Oozemas yet!

 Oozemas - Event Staff

Thank you for your continued support and love of Ooze products that allows us to continue to give even more to the city we love. We hope to grow the Ooze Foundation and do even more in 2023!

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