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What Does Prep Mode Mean?

What Does Prep Mode Mean?

Layne Alfred |

You’ve seen it in product descriptions and instructions, but what does the “Prep Mode” on our vape batteries actually mean? We refer to what’s often called “preheat mode” as Prep Mode, since its primary use is to prepare your cartridge for a nice, smooth hit.

What is “Prep Mode”?

The Prep Mode on our batteries is a gentle heat cycle, activated by double-clicking the button of your Ooze pen. It will run for 10-15 seconds depending on your battery. This function runs the battery at a lower voltage than a normal hit, even when your pen is set at the lowest temperature.

Why to Use Prep Mode (and not use) Prep Mode

The Ultra Purple Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 has an OozeX oil cartridge attached and two black arrows pointing up from the bottom of the cartridge to indicate the heat helps with airflow.

Prep Mode works to clear any clogs in the airway of the cartridge. Because of this, we recommend running it once before each session, especially if it’s been a minute since you’ve taken a hit or your battery has been powered off for a while. It also heats the coil evenly to avoid any combustion, ultimately getting you more from your cartridge. After running Prep Mode, you can keep your battery at the lowest temperature setting. This will preserve flavor and help guarantee you never get a burnt hit.

Prep Mode is also super handy to have in colder climates, or when you want to use your pen outside or during an outdoor activity. If you’ve ever tried to hit a super cold cart, it takes a few tries to get a satisfying pull. No need to strain to get it unclogged—prep Mode will gently warm it up without burning it so it can vaporize on your first hit. Plus, since the coil was heated evenly during Prep Mode, you can keep your temperature at the lowest setting

Contrary to popular belief, we do NOT recommend using Prep Mode when you are using an atomizer or an attachment for dabs. Thick extracts need a bit more power than Prep Mode can provide, so running it can actually end up wasting product. Don’t bother with the Prep Mode function for dabs, just crank up the voltage a bit and take a small hit or two to warm it up.

Use Prep Mode to your advantage! Running it once before each session will make your oil go a lot further, and will end up saving you some money.


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