Best Wax Pen of 2022: Ooze Signal

Best Wax Pen of 2022: Ooze Signal

2022 has been a huge year for us! We’ve launched a whole bunch of new products over the year, and one wax vaporizer pen in particular has stood out: the Ooze Signal. This new device is a sneaky heavy hitter that will literally blow you away. 

A white girl in a green hoodie is holding 2 Ooze Signal wax vaporizers in each hand: rainbow with midnight sun and ice pink with green splatter.

While it may look like your run of the mill wax pen for concentrates, we’ve made some significant upgrades to the traditional vaporizer set up that make a huge difference and take the on the go dabbing experience to a new level. The very best part? This is our most budget-friendly wax vaporizer, too! The price point is insanely low for how beautifully this bad boy functions, making this our pick for the best wax pen of 2022! 


Why is the Signal the Best Wax Pen? 

A white girl is smoking a midnight sun red and black Ooze Signal wax vaporizer pen and exhaling the vapor.

Ooze has been in the vaporizer game for years now, so we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We don’t just make and sell these products, but we’re using them every day just like our customers. We’ve experienced all the common issues and annoyances so we know what needs to be fixed. The Signal is the first release in a series of new devices with impressive new technology! 


A bigger atomizer bucket 

A green graphic that shows the Ooze Signal atomizer bucket and says "Easy Load Bucket"

One of our biggest pet peeves when it comes to extract vaporizers is getting the extract inside the device. It tends to be a messy, tedious ordeal that ends up wasting product. The chambers are narrow, making it difficult to place the extract directly on the coils in the bottom. Not to mention trying to transfer the sticky dab from the dab tool to the tiny target. It can get frustrating, which the opposite of the point of taking a dab! 

The Signal is equipped with the biggest atomizer bucket on any Ooze vaporizer. It’s wider than usual with thinner walls, giving you more space to work with. This also means you can pack way more extract inside! This means more dabs and less time spent loading.  

If there’s one tool or accessory that pairs perfectly with the Signal’s huge bucket, it’s the Ooze Twist Hot Knife. This heated dab tool lets you drop massive globs of wax right into the bucket with ease. Pressing the button heats up the tip so the wax, no matter how sticky, slides cleanly off the end, right where you want it. Your mind will be blown by how easy it is the first time you do it! 


The patented air injection pathway 

A light blue graphic that shows the Ooze Signal atomizer and points to the airway holes. The graphic says "Patented Air Injection Pathway"

Have you ever taken a puff from a wax pen that left much to be desired? We’ve found that is usually due to a really weak pull, or no resistance against your breath while you’re taking a pull. The Signal has a revolutionary air injection pathway that you won’t see on any other brand’s pens. That’s because it’s so impressive, it got its own patent!  

The mouthpiece cap has a small hole on either side of the base; this is the air intake point. The air is then pulled into the small holes around the base of the atomizer. From there, it circulates beneath the coils, then up and around them, creating an intense vortex inside the chamber. It then blasts out the mouthpiece, creating that satisfying pull dabbers are looking for in a wax pen. 

Most standard wax pens pull air in from the top, and it just swirls around the chamber. Since the Signal pulls it in from the bottom, it gives it more room to create the vapor and whip into a frenzy, creating more powerful clouds that create a more robust experience. 


A better button 

A purple graphic that shows the Ooze Signal button and says "A Button That's Fun to Press"

The center power button is the control point of the Signal. Instead of the typical, hard button that most pens have, the Signal has a cushy, luxurious, soft-touch rubber button wrapped with an LED ring. The light ring is the device’s way of communicating with you and letting you know what’s up. 

Click the button 5 times to turn it on and off. As soon as it turns on, it’ll flash the color of your last-used voltage 3 times and then green 1 time. The little green flash at the end is like it’s saying hey. Click the button 3 times to switch between the 3 voltage levels.  

We realized that if the new button was gonna be soft and rubbery, it was going to get played and figited with a lot. That meant we had to make sure the button wasn’t going to go off with the slightest touch. The Signal’s button gives a satisfying click to let you know it’s triggered.  


A comfortable duckbill mouthpiece

A pink graphic that shows the Ooze Signal mouthpiece and says "A Mouthpiece Designed for Your Mouth" 

How many times have you gotten a new cartridge or atomizer that has a mouthpiece that just does not vibe with the shape of your mouth? It’s so annoying to try to force the seal between your lips and the device to get that suction going.  

After a lot of research and development, and trial and error, we came to the conclusion that a flat mouthpiece with a curve to it is the way to go. The Signal’s tip flattens out to a shape that looks like a duck’s bill. It’s flat enough to easily clamp down on and the gentle curve perfectly aligns with your lips.  


How to charge the Ooze Signal 

Powering the Signal back up is simple. Use a micro USB charger (sold separately) and attach it to the Signal’s port on the side and a wall adapter. Use a wall outlet to charge the device; the button light will be red until it reaches full charge and turns green. 

It’s absolutely vital that you use a wall outlet to charge your Signal. Never charge it in a vehicle, using a computer or gaming system, or any other power source that is not a wall socket. This will instantly void the device’s warranty and we are not responsible for anything that ensues. 


How to clean the Ooze Signal 

With huge globs comes plenty of reclaim and residue! Luckily the patented design of the airway and the size of the bucket make this easier than you might expect. First, press and hold the button down to heat the bucket up. Run multiple heat cycles in a row to get everything nice and juicy inside.  

Get a balled up Res Wipe or paper towel ready and use your thumb to cover the bucket with the rag of your choice. It sounds silly, but you’re going to fling the Signal towards the ground like you’re trying to spray all the residue inside all over someone you don’t like. Don’t let go of the device! You’re basically flinging all the nasty bits out into the rag so there’s minimal residue left inside. 

You can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean out the inside, and a Res Wipe works great to wipe down the outside of the atomizer. You can keep burning off the leftover resin until there’s nothing left in the chamber. You’re good to go! 

There will come a point when you simply can’t get the bucket clean anymore. That’s okay! The bucket isn’t meant to last forever, but your Signal has plenty of life left in it. Just grab a replacement 2-pack of atomizer buckets, unscrew the original bucket and toss it in the trash. Replace it, and it’ll rip like the day you took it out of the package! 


A brunette girl is wearing a bright yellow jacket and smoking an Ooze Signal wax vaporizer pen against a bright green background.

There's so much to love about the Ooze Signal, but you can't fully understand how rad this device is until you use it for yourself. The click of the squishy button, the comfortable fit against your lips, the massive bucket, the huge clouds, and the insanely low price will simply blow you away!



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