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Host a Stoner Friendsgiving!

Host a Stoner Friendsgiving!

Layne Alfred |

The best thing about Thanksgiving—besides the most satisfying food coma—is spending time with loved ones. Hanging out with family is great, but a Turkey Day with friends allows for a little more use of the ‘ole peace pipe. This year, throw a Friendsgiving where you can indulge in cannabis just as much as the stuffing. We’ve got some ideas as to how to throw the best Stoner Friendsgiving!

Set up a “bar cart” of cannabis essentials

Keep a stocked smoking station next to your wine and other drinks. You can include a grinder tray, a bowl or two, a pack of rolling papers and your favorite quirky Ooze piece. Make sure to set out a handful of lighters, too (we all know how easily those go missing). You can even invest in a brand new silicone-glass piece now that the entire line’s prices have been lowered *wink wink.* Silicone hybrid pieces are ideal for large gatherings because they don’t break nearly as easily if dropped.

Display “dabetizers”

Four Ooze Prontos are arranged in an X on a light blue table with a jar of wax in the center. One Pronto is held in a hand and is being dipped into the wax.

If your friends are more into the wax, set up a table for “dabetizers!” Similar to your cannabis bar cart, set up dab straws and tools, fresh wax and a couple different rigs to choose from. The Pronto is a great piece to have out because it’s an electronic dab straw, meaning you don’t need to worry about torches out during the party. Just dip the tip of the Pronto into the jar of wax and take your dab!

If you already have a vape battery for oil like the Twist Slim pen, grab the ConNectar for your “dabetizer” table. You can connect this handy 510 thread attachment to your battery to instantly transform it into a dab straw. Or, pack the giant bucket of the Signal full of wax and keep it going around the circle. You'll be amazed how long it can go before you need to reload it!

Spike the food

A red Ooze Cranium is being smoked out of while baking a THC infused sweet potato casserole for a stoner Friendsgiving get together.

Start preparing your dishes a few days before so that you can infuse them with cannabis! Simply whip up some cannabutter or cannabis-infused oil to use in a few dishes. We prefer choosing one food item from each course to infuse, such as one appetizer, main dish and dessert.

For appetizers, try a creamy soup or a dip, like spinach artichoke. For the meal, you can spike the potatoes or squash, or just have your cannabutter out for everyone to dish onto their own sides. Your weed-spiked sweets can be classic cookies or brownies, or you can make your own cannabis-infused icecream for the pie! You can even create your own cannabis-infused cocktails to share.

Just make sure to let everyone know how much is in each item so you don’t get too many crashing for the night!

Go all out with table setting

An overhead shot of a table setting with the top dish filled with cannabis nugs and a joint.

Set your table with a little something extra at each seat – a pre-roll! A flavored King Palm wrap could pair nicely with your menu, but your classic RAW paper will also do the trick. Place it next to their drink on the left side for a fun surprise when everyone gets seated. You can go around the table and have everyone share something they’re thankful for, and then end the sap sesh with a group toke!

Remember—to host a fabulous Friendsgiving, all you need is love and a little ganja. You don’t need to go all out with decorations or games, which is the beauty of a stoner-friendly Friendsgiving. If you have a ton of yummy food, enough drinks and everything your guests need to get nice and lifted, it will be the best bash of the year. Not to mention, the food will taste a whole lot better!

Play “stoner games”

Turn some fan-favorite drinking games like beer pong, waterfall and flip cup into smoking games! Instead of drinking when you lose (or win, depending on how you want to play!), take a hit. One of our personal favorites for making into a stoner game is Thumper, because it requires memorization of your friends’ hand signs. Not the easiest task after a joint!

Create a selfie wall

A cozy, fall-themed photo backdrop with hay bales, candles on the wall, and baskets.

We love any excuse to take silly group photos, so put together a little opportunity for everyone! You can go all out and design a large backdrop, or simply decorate an empty wooden frame with fall colors so your friends can stand behind it and pose with their blunt. Even just a cute fall sign is a great backdrop for a group photo. Whatever you do, make sure you set up your selfie wall where you get the best light—not where overhead lights are washing everyone out.

A poppin’ Friendsgiving only requires laughs, love and fun—but cannabis and a fun piece sure does help facilitate all of the above.

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