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Beacon Extract Vaporizer – C-Core 800 mAh - Panther Black

The Beacon is a sleek C-Core extract vaporizer with a familiar slim Ooze pen shape with one major difference. Instead of a 510 thread connection, the Beacon features the Onyx Atomizer for an insanely efficient and flavorful dabbing experience.


The Beacon is the simplest of the C-Core devices, and is designed to be the most portable. While it may look like a standard extract vaporizer pen, it is built around the Onyx Atomizer, making it an incredibly powerful vape that you don’t need to preheat. The Onyx Atomizer strengthens terpene flavors, has crazy-smooth airflow, and provides the most even heat you can find in a device like this. Plus, the vapor is always 100% heavy metal free.

We designed the Beacon to be the perfect C-Core starter device, but it will satisfy longtime dabbers, too! It is incredibly easy to set up and use, and because it heats so efficiently, cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. Twist the mouthpiece to open the Onyx Atomizer, and you’ll find a small ceramic dab tool under the cap. Load your dab onto the Azul ceramic core in the atomizer bucket and put the mouthpiece back on. Click the button 5x to turn it on and press the button to heat and take your dab.

The Beacon was designed to take your tasty extracts with you on the go. It’s an all-in-one device, and keeps the sticky dab tool tucked inside while you aren’t using it, so it won’t get stuck to the inside of your bag or pocket. We recommend keeping your charger on you if you’re out and about with the Beacon. If your battery happens to die, you can use it while it charges thanks to the pass-through charging feature!

*Travel Reel video credit to Karyna Gomez (kaedabs)

*Music Festival Reel video credit to Colbi Maxwell (@colbicat)


  • C-CORE ONYX ATOMIZER | Load your extract into the Onyx Atomizer and experience better, faster flavor without burning through product quickly. Each dab receives very even heat, which leaves only tiny amounts of residue behind.
  • SUB-OHM VAPING | The Beacon has a resistance of 0.8 ohms, which makes this a sub-ohm vape. The low resistance allows the Beacon to produce more vapor to inhale while amplifying the flavors for huge, tasty clouds.
  • LOAD & GO | Using the Onyx Atomizer is so simple. Twist the mouthpiece to reveal the bucket and load your dab onto the core dish. Start off with just a tiny bit or go full dab mode. Either way, your lungs are going to feel the full power of the C-Core!
  • BUILT-IN TOOL | Once you take the mouthpiece off, you’ll notice a small white tool sticking out the bottom of the cap. Use this as a dab tool to load in your extracts. Never deal with a dabber getting stuck to your bag, pocket or table ever again!
  • 800 MAH | Pack the Booster & take it to go without worrying about it dying on you while you’re out and about. The 800 mAh battery provides plenty of power and lasts for plenty of sessions.
  • HEAVY METAL FREE | The C-Core Onyx Atomizer uses an Azul ceramic core, which is the blue heating dish in the base of the bucket. There are no exposed metal heating elements, providing you with 100% heavy metal free vaping.
  • PASS-THROUGH CHARGING | Don’t let a dead battery kill your buzz! Use the included type-C charger to use the device while it’s charging. Make sure to always use the Ooze charger, and always use a wall outlet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mary B.
Simple, easy, highly recommended!

I have all the C-Core products because I'm obsessed. The hits are amazing. This is the Beacon, a simple affordable option for beginners. I'm no beginner, but I am a bit tired of sticky cleaning/messy products. The Duplex 2 and Electro Barrel are AMAZING but they do need daily cleaning. (SMALL dabs- less cleaning I'm learning, haha... do not OVERLOAD your Barrel)
This option, the Beacon is my favorite. Rips GREAT, clouds GREAT, loads GREAT, and so far- it is the least messy of all. There is no space to splash like the Dup 2. And unlike the Barrel that needs tiny dabs, I can put a sugary/waxy crystal of concentrate in this Beacon and enjoy for hours. Sure, some residue does collect/splash along the unheated sides, but I easily scrape that off. When goo collects on the mouthpiece, it's pretty easy to let cool and scrape off/back down.
For those starting out, and for those longtime stoners that just want a DEPENDABLE SIMPLE NO FUSS high. Incredible. Get this. Add it to your cart.

Best Concentrate Pen

I don't know how this isn't more viral. Hits amazing, never misses, battery life is great, it looks good, and $30 is just amazing. I had the plus from the other brand and the atomizers kept breaking, and they weren't cheap at $25 a pop. I've had the beacon for two months and am on my original atomizer. I use it almost daily and clean about once a week. The replacement atomizers with a mouthpiece are also only $18. I hope y'all continue to iterate on this.

That being said it could use some improvements. I'm not a fan of the plastic mouthpiece. And the dab tool is a gimmick because it doesn't actually click in and is just held in by a rubber o ring, this means it just flops out with any pressure applied. Could be solved by having it twist in similar to how the mouthpiece does or even a simple thread so it can screw in place and be functional.

Would also be cool to move the USB C to the side and make the bottom piece unscrew to be a little wax holder, making it the ultimate portable at that point imo. Excited to see where it goes and am already buying an electro barrel to try out because I'm so impressed.

Jack V.
No Finer a pull is there than the Beacon

Rock steady! One of my greatest travel companions! The non metallic hits are a real big hit for me! Cleanings a breeze! Finding Azul cores is not, but they are super quick and low key in the mail.


Beacon Extract Vaporizer – C-Core 800 mAh - Panther Black

The Beacon is a sleek C-Core dab pen for extracts with a familiar slim Ooze pen shape with one major difference. Instead of a 510 thread connection, the Beacon features the Onyx Atomizer for an insanely efficient and flavorful dabbing experience. 
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