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Novex 2 – 400 mAh Vape Battery – Midnight Sun

Our original palm-sized pocket vape got a makeover! The Novex 2 features a colorful LED screen, a battery indicator, pulse wave technology, and a lower voltage range for better flavor production.


The original Ooze Novex is a cult classic Ooze pen. This pocket-sized vape has been an underrated favorite for years. We love how small and compact it is, and that it provides some protection for your fragile 510 cartridge. The Novex 2 features all the great parts of the original, plus a whole lot more!

The Novex 2 features a colorful OLED screen that gives you way more control over the device. You’ll always know what voltage level the device is set to, and cycle through the voltages by clicking the button 3x. The screen also shows you what your battery % is at, so you’ll always know if you should charge it before you head out.

The Ooze Digital Screen also features Connection Detection, which lets you know if your cartridge is successfully connected or not. If there’s any sticky residue in the battery’s chamber or on the bottom of your cartridge, it won’t be able to connect. The device’s pulse wave technology will buzz twice and the lock on the screen will show a checkmark when successfully connected.

The Novex 2 is a flex temp device with 5 total voltage levels. We gave the Novex 2 a lower range of temperatures than the original. Lower temps are much better for your 510 carts. The terpene flavors will taste much stronger, and there’s a much lower risk that you’ll burn the coil in the bottom of the cartridge (which makes it taste nasty!).

The Novex 2 uses a type-c charging cable that’s equipped with pass-through charging. This means you can use the device while it charges! Plug it in and the pulse wave will buzz twice to let you know the charger is connected. The overcharge protection shuts the charger off as soon as the device reaches 100%, making the battery last longer over time.


  • NOVEX 2 | The Novex 2 is an updated version of our underrated fan favorite vape battery, the Novex. This compact, palm-style 400 mAh vape has the same shape with an updated look and digital screen for better device control.
  • OLED SCREEN | The Ooze Digital Screen tells you everything that’s happening with your pen. Your battery % is at the top, voltage level is in the middle, and connection detection sits at the bottom. Always know how much power you’re working with!
  • CONCEALS 510s | Puff in peace wherever you please thanks to this lowkey design. It’s not like you’re trying to hide what you’re doing, you just don’t want to be bothered about it! The chamber also provides a layer of protection for your cartridge if you drop it.
  • BATTERY INDICATOR | The battery indicator is at the top of the usual screen interface. For an expanded battery view, click the button 4x and it will take over the whole screen.
  • CONNECTION DETECTION | You’ll know if something funky is up with your cartridge before you even take a hit! Connection detection is represented by the little padlock icon at the bottom of the screen. It will lock with a checkmark if it successfully connects, and will stay unlocked if there’s an issue.
  • LOWER VOLTAGES | We lowered the voltages from the original Novex to span from 2.0V to 4.0V for the Novex 2. Your 510 carts will work better until the end when you use a lower temp, they’ll taste better, and they’re way less likely to burn out on the bottom!
  • TECH GRIP | The Novex 2 has a sexy new finish: tech grip. Not only does it look dope, it’s comfortable to hold and is fun to fidget with.
  • PASS-THROUGH CHARGING | There’s no worse feeling than going to hit your pen just to find out it’s dead. Keep the vibes high and use the Novex 2 while it’s charging! We make it easy to see how much battery you have, so you can charge it before you leave or throw your charger in your bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very Pleased

I recently bought the Novex2 about 3 weeks ago and I'm loving everything about this pen. Fits in my pocket well, it has a quick charge and with me being a fairly heavy hitter, the charge lasts for min. of 3 days. Will I recomend and buy this pen again? You bet. Bring on the deals!


What an amazing deal.....wow

The red and black midnight sun Ooze Novex 2 is upright and turned off, shown on an angle

Novex 2 – 400 mAh Vape Battery – Midnight Sun

Our original palm-sized pocket vape got a makeover! The Novex 2 features a colorful LED screen, a battery indicator, pulse wave technology, and a lower voltage range for better flavor production. 
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