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Wink Flashlight Pen - 290 mAh LED Vape Battery - Cosmic Chrome

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The Ooze Wink is a 510 vape at one end and an LED flashlight at the other! Perfect for camping, keeping in your car or tool kit, or for smoking in the dark. Includes a 510 charger and comes in a plain, unbranded mylar sleeve.  read more
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Let me take you on a journey, the journey of the Ooze Wink. A long time ago (a few years), we had an idea to try to outsmart one of the biggest retailers in the world. This online marketplace, the one that’s named after a rainforest, doesn’t usually let us sell our products on their site. But what if we were selling a flashlight battery instead of a vape battery!? It was so crazy, it just might work.

And so, the Ooze Wink was born. It’s a classic Ooze 510 vape battery with one of our original 510 chargers screwed into the top. Click the button 5x to turn on and off, and 3x to change the voltage level. The opposite end has another button that controls the LED flashlight. Click through to change the color of the light.

We even left the packaging as bare bones as possible! The Wink doesn’t look like a regular Ooze pen when it shows up at your door. It comes in a boring, plain, unbranded mylar bag sleeve. Don’t be alarmed, this is a legit Ooze device! Even with these precautions, the corporate bigwigs caught onto our fun little prank after a while. They shut our listings down and forced us back onto our own site. You can continue the Wink’s journey when you bring it home!

  • FLASHLIGHT | Press and hold the bottom button for two seconds to turn the light on and off. Click the button once quickly to cycle through the LED colors: blue, green, red, and white.
  • 510 VAPE| Press the large, round button 5x to turn the device on and off. Attach your pre-filled oil cartridge or other 510 attachment to the top of the device, and press the button to heat.
  • 290 MAH | The Wink has a 290 mAh battery and three flex temp temperature levels: 2.8V, 3.4V, and 4.0V. Click the large center button 3x to change the temperature. Click the button twice to activate Prep Mode, and press and hold the button to use the device accessory.
  • CHARGING | Screw the included charger onto the top of the Wink and plug the USB end into an adapter for a wall outlet. While the device is charging, the charger light is red and the battery light is green. Once it’s fully charged, the charger light turns green and the battery light shuts off.
  • NO WARRANTY | The Wink is NOT covered under the Ooze Warranty Program and does not have any type of warranty to activate.
  • WARNING | The Wink MUST be charged with the included Ooze charger. Do not use any type of power source other than a wall outlet to charge the Wink. NEVER charge the device in a vehicle.