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This is How We Vape Now


Dab Now

Ooze is changing the game with higher-quality products that create safer, more enjoyable experiences. Forget clunky old products that get gunked up immediately or make you fire up a butane torch. You don't need to be doing all that!

Enter the C-Core: Ooze's line of sophisticated ceramic concentrate vaporizers that make the most of every last drop of your tasty dabs. The azul ceramic is designed to instantly vaporize the dab and produce robust clouds with potent terpene flavors.

C-Core devices are also incredibly easy to refresh. We give you all the tools you need to make maintenance a habit you don't even mind doing.


Puff Now

Dry herb vaporizers are some of the most misunderstood devices in the entire weed world.

When people expect them to produce the same experience as smoking a joint or bong, they're going to end up confused and disappointed. Instead, think of a dry herb vape as a little oven that bakes your bud to perfection, creating deeper flavors than your standard smoking session.

Just like an oven, you don't want it to produce a bunch of smoke, there's no fire here! The light vapor is filled with terpenes and cannabinoids, minus the thick visual smoke.

Ooze C-Core dry herb vapes go above and beyond, combining 3 types of heat to toast every last leaf.

Ooze Pens have been a staple for years, but we're taking them to the next level. The Ooze Digital Screen provides a window for you to communicate with your vape battery.

Check your voltage level and battery percentage with just a glance. You'll always know what you're working with, and if you should charge your battery before you head out for the day.

Years of 510 cartridge experience have taught us that lower voltages are way better for your oil carts. While it's fun to turn it all the way up and rip a blinker, it's going to start tasting real bad, real quick.

The little coil on the bottom of your cart is delicate, and consistent high heat can burn it. That means the rest of your cartridge, even if you've only taken a few puffs, will taste burnt, stale, and gross.

We offer 5 different voltage levels on our latest Pen releases and lowered the range overall. It now spans from 2.0V to 4.0V, which is still plenty of heat to rip those huge clouds you're chasing.

Have Questions About Our Products?

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