10 Gifts Under $50

10 Gifts Under $50

Here at Ooze, we believe giving gifts should be just as fun as receiving them. That’s why we compiled some of our products that provoke the best reactions when that bow is untied! This gift guide for under $50 contains a lot of our all-time best sellers, so spoil your best friends and stoner buds for less this holiday season.


1. Twist Slim Pen 2.0, $25

A white girl's hand with bright nails is holding the Ooze Polar Pearl Twist Slim Pen 2.0 with an OozeX cartridge attached. She's in her car. 

This is the new and innovative version of the best-selling pen we all know and love! Along with design advancements, the 2.0 has an even lower voltage option, 2.0V, so terpene taste is even more accentuated. Plus, it now includes automatic shut-off to prolong life between charges. Upgrade any of your friends who have the first version to the Twist Slim 2.0 to make sure they’re getting the most out of their vape sesh. 


2. All Over Brain Storm Hoodie, $44.99

A young black couple is wearing matching Ooze All Over Brain Storm hoodies and are playfully pulling at the drawstrings.

The wacky design on this hoodie is for your quirky BFF, or brother who’s the life of the party. Make sure they stay warm and never lose their wild side!


3. Toxic Barrel Mug Pipe, $28

The Ooze Toxic Barrel and Alien Surfer ceramic mug pipes are in front of a bright yellow background and sitting on a pile of coffee beans.

We love a mug pipe! The Toxic Barrel mug pipe is the perfect gift for your sister in college or your best wake-and-bake buddy. A simultaneous cup of coffee and packed bowl is a gift that keeps on giving!


4. Recycler Mini Rigs, $48

An Ooze Recycler Mini Rig is being held by a white girl by the recycler loop in the back.

Give the gift of flavorful, high potency dabs with one of the Recyler mini rigs. For your friend who’s used the same basic rig for years, show them a whole new way to dab! We love this new style of dab rig because it minimizes the amount of air that enters the rig. This makes it great for low temperature dabbing and increases the individual flavors of each and every terpene.


5. Slugger Dugout Kit, $32

The Razzle Dazzle Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout is fully opened and the dab straw is held on top of the piece. It's outside surrounded by yellow leaves.

Your neat-freak friends will definitely appreciate this gift. The Slugger Dabbin’ Dugout Kit is a sleep, organized box that contains everything you need for a dab on the go. Inside is a dab straw, glass nail, titanium nail and glass dish to dab out of. All they need to supply is the wax! Hint: this little number is also a great White Elephant gift at your stoner holiday party.

6. Bectar, $30

The aqua teal Ooze Bectar is shown being used as a dab straw with a black torch in the background.

The Bectar is a hybrid handheld device that can be used as a dab straw or a bubbler! This is a great gift for your friends who love flower and wax all the same. It provides advanced water filtration for a super smooth hit, no matter what they’re smoking. 

7. Smell-Proof Crossbody Bag, $25

A close-up shot of a white girl wearing the grey Ooze Smell Proof Crossbody bag. She's wearing a black tank dress and using both hands to unzip the bag.

This thoughtful gift will delight any of your friends or family that carry bud with them. Full carbon lining locks any aromas inside and keep bud fresh! Plus, it’s sleek and stylish design makes it that much more discreet.


8. Yellow Steamboat, $38

The yellow Ooze Steamboat is being held up in front of a white wood background. There is a small dab tool attached to the downstem by a magnet.

The Steamboat bubbler is always a crowd-pleaser! Its unique design makes every smoke sesh fun, and the silicone exterior makes it almost unbreakable. Get it in yellow for a nostalgic Beatles-inspired gift!


9. Cryo Bowl, $28

The 5 colors of the Ooze Cryo Bowl are lined up in a freezer drawer. From left to right they are pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Another fun piece that will get you all the oohs and ahhs when unwrapped is the Cryo bowl. This glass bowl is filled with liquid glycerin which, when frozen, provides the smoothest hit you can imagine. Just stick it in the freezer, or even the snow, for their most chill smoke sesh ever!


10. Quad Battery, $22

Three Ooze Quad batteries are held up by white arms against a deep blue background. From left to right the batteries are Mary Jade, Arctic Blue and Ice Pink.

Everyone loves an everyday vape upgrade. The Quad battery is unique in that it is a square shape, so it will never roll off a table only to crack the cartridge and make a mess on the floor. If you know someone who’s been there, do them a solid and gift them the Quad.



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