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10 Gifts Under $100

10 Gifts Under $100

Layne Alfred |

Not sure what to get your boo for Christmas? Or maybe you want to go all out for your best friend this year. We’ve got you! Here’s our guide of high-tech smoking gifts under $100 for that extra special stoner on your shopping list.


1. Electro Barrel E-Rig, $68

A girl with red nails is loading a dab into an Ooze Electro Barrel with a hot knife

If you've got friends who LOVE dabs, then look no further for their ideal gift. The Electro Barrel is our C-Core dab rig, which means that it's 100% heavy metal free and uses our patented ceramic tech. Even if they swear by their MUCH pricier rig, this is the device to officially convert them!

2. Flare, $72

The Ooze Flare dry herb vaporizer is held by a girl who is out of frame. The background is neon pink. 

The Flare is the perfect dry herb vape device for beginners. Gift that flower-lover in your life a way to vape their bud instead of burn it! Vaporizing the weed is a cleaner way to smoke, and they’ll even find that their stash is lasting a lot longer. There’s just a few easy steps to set it up and it’s even simpler to use!


3. Fusion, $55

A white girl is standing outside, wearing Dr. Martens boots with yellow laces and holding the gold Ooze Fusion wax vaporizer, dab tool, and yellow stash jar.

This vape wax pen kit is the perfect setup for dabbing on the go. If you and your bestie love hitting music festivals or going camping, they will love that the Fusion is designed specifically for wax so they can take a dab anywhere. Attach any 510 thread wax atomizer or cartridge, pick your temperature, and you’re good to go. You can also use oil carts with the Fusion—it doesn’t discriminate.


4. Duplex 2, $55

A rainbow Ooze Duplex 2 has the onyx atomizer attached and is being loaded with concentrates

Looking for something that handles both 510 carts AND dabs beautifully? The Duplex 2 is the ultimate choice. It rips 510 carts with ease, includes an Onyx Atomizer for massive dabs, and our first-ever C-Core nectar tip for using it as a dab straw. What more could you ask for!?


5. Backpack, $95

Pulling an OozeX concentrate box out of a purple Ooze smell proof backpack

This smell-proof backpack is a must-have for any stoner. It’s lined with innovative carbon material so your giftee will feel confident no matter where they go. Even if your giftee doesn’t smoke, who won’t love a fresh new backpack?


6. The Twilight Bundle, $55

The Ooze Twilight Bundle graphic shows the blue and purple pastel Brink dry herb vape, a black wristlet and an enamel pin.

The Twilight Brink is our most popular new color product in so long! This gorgeous pastel blue-purple ombre vape is the perfect device to enjoy flower on the go. It includes a smell proof wristlet to store the Brink and some bud, plus a cute little enamel pin to decorate the bag.  


7. The Beacon Bundle, $85

A list of all the items in the Beacon Upgrade Bundle

The Beacon is our smallest, most lowkey C-Core product, which means it's a super simple pen to use for dabs. This kit includes a Twist Slim Pen 2.0 and Hot Knife attachment to seamlessly load your extract into the Beacon. Keep it all packed up in the smell proof Wristlet. You can even wrap it all in the wristlet as the gift bag!


8. Drought, $94

A black Ooze Drought dry herb vaporizer is turned on and held up in front of a white table with a vase full of red flowers.

Forget jewelry—gift them the gold standard of dry herb vapes. The Drought is our original dry herb vaporizer, and is compact and easy to use. We've released two shiny new colors this year: Sapphire Blue and Rainbow. If clean, potent vapor from flower is what they’ve been looking for, wrap up the Drought with a pretty bow!


9. All-Over Time Warp Hoodie, $70

3 Ooze employees wearing All Over Time Warp Hoodies at Hash Bash 2024

The wacky design on this hoodie is for your quirky BFF, or brother who’s the life of the party. Make sure they stay warm and never lose their wild side!


10. Ooze Gift Pack, $53

A list of the items included in the Ooze Gift Pack bundle

Already have all the Ooze devices you need? Then take your Ooze obsession to the final level with the Ooze Gift Pack! Loaded up with exclusive Ooze merch, you can rock the Ooze Life wherever you go. These pieces aren't over the top or in your face, and the black goes with everything. 


We've got plenty more bundles in store, so take a browse and find the one that complements your loved ones' personalities. A curated bundle is a super throughtful gift, and can set them up for a lifetime of enjoyment!



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