10 Gifts Under $100

10 Gifts Under $100

Not sure what to get your boo for Christmas? Or maybe you want to go all out for your best friend this year. We’ve got you! Here’s our guide of high-tech smoking gifts under $100 for that extra special stoner on your shopping list.


1. Flare, $72

The Ooze Flare dry herb vaporizer is held by a girl who is out of frame. The background is neon pink. 

The Flare is the perfect dry herb vape device for beginners. Gift that flower-lover in your life a way to vape their bud instead of burn it! Vaporizing the weed is a cleaner way to smoke, and they’ll even find that their stash is lasting a lot longer. There’s just a few easy steps to set it up and it’s even simpler to use!


2. Fusion, $55

A white girl is standing outside, wearing Dr. Martens boots with yellow laces and holding the gold Ooze Fusion wax vaporizer, dab tool, and yellow stash jar.

This vape wax pen kit is the perfect setup for dabbing on the go. If you and your bestie love hitting music festivals or going camping, they will love that the Fusion is designed specifically for wax so they can take a dab anywhere. Attach any 510 thread wax atomizer or cartridge, pick your temperature, and you’re good to go. You can also use oil carts with the Fusion—it doesn’t discriminate.


3. Toxic Barrel Mini Rig, $48

The Ooze Toxic Barrel mini dab rig is sitting on a desk next to an open laptop.

For your friend that just wants efficiency and doesn’t care about flash, this is the gift for them. There are no crazy bells and whistles with the Toxic Barrel mini rig. It’s our first all-quartz rig, accentuating every single terpene flavor. It’s also designed for minimum airflow so they’ll get that huge cloud they’re looking for.


4. Backpack, $95


This smell-proof backpack is a must-have for any stoner. It’s lined with innovative carbon material so your giftee will feel confident no matter where they go. Even if your giftee doesn’t smoke, who won’t love a fresh new backpack?


5. Mojo, $47

The pixie dream Ooze Mojo silicone glass hybrid is sitting on a desk in front of a computer with all the included accessories and parts spread out in front.

If you really want to wow your significant other this holiday season, get them their mojo back. The Mojo silicone glass hybrid piece allows them to smoke literally any way they want. It’s a 5-in-1 piece that acts as a bong, handpipe, dab straw, dab rig and even vape pen adapter. Different accessories switch between the different funtions and all fit right onto the piece so they’re always there.


6. Mini Rig Starter Pack , $50


This beginner rig bundle includes all the essentials, making it a great gift for your best friend or partner who’s expressed interest in dabs or wax. It includes the Recycler mini rig, which is great for beginners because it’s designed for low temperature dabs. With less air entering the piece, they’ll get smoother hits that are easier on their lungs and throat. It also comes with the Geode stash jar, which they can dab directly out of with a dab straw, and a non-stick dab tool so they never waste a crumb!


7. Cranium, $47


The Cranium is another one of our silicone hybrid pieces that acts as a water pipe, dab rig, dab straw and vape pen adapter. The look on your giftee’s face when they unwrap this cool ‘lil robot guy and then realize it’s a bong and more? Priceless.


8. Drought, $94

A black Ooze Drought dry herb vaporizer is turned on and held up in front of a white table with a vase full of red flowers.

Forget jewelry—gift them the gold standard of dry herb vapes. The Drought is our most efficient dry herb vaporizer, and is compact and easy to use. It will never overheat or burn their bud because it’s completely flameless and even has an automatic shut off so the nugs stay fresh after they’ve been packed. If clean, potent vapor from flower is what they’ve been looking for, wrap up the Drought with a pretty bow!


9. Alien Invasion Bundle, $60


This bundle is the perfect gift for your space cadet best friend. The Alien Invasion bundle has everything they need to really blast off to space. It includes the glow-in-the-dark silicone Hyborg piece, which detaches to become a water pipe, dab straw, dab rig or vape pen adapter. If that’s not a great gift already, they’ll also get a hot Knife kit that cuts wax slabs like butter and a 4x6 dab mat. Talk about a clean and efficient takeoff!


10. Ice Bundle, $60 


Why not ice out your girlfriend’s vaping accessories this holiday season? The Ice Bundle is our coolest duo, perfect for making cold winter months more fun. They’ll get the white Duplex vape kit, a sleek palm-style vape, voted Best Vape at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Michigan (so you know it’s good). Along with that comes the Polar Pearl Twist Slim Pen 2.0, a great everyday travel vape battery, and an empty cartridge and empty wax atomizer.

Load these up with whatever material you want and they’ll be able to instantly switch back and forth between oil and dabs. Plus, they’ll be looking fresh no matter where they go!



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