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The Best Vape Attachments

The Best Vape Attachments

Layne Alfred |

Vape Attachments

There are tons of ways to vape cannabis with just a battery or pen. Maybe you have your vape battery and 510 thread cartridge, most likely pre-filled with oil. Or, maybe you just have a vape battery and some wax for dabs. Whether you are looking for something to attach your pre-filled cartridge or an easy way to vape wax, we’ve got all the best vape attachments right here.


What is a vape attachment or vape accessory?

Vape attachments and accessories are basically anything you can attach to your battery or vape pen. There are tons of vape parts with different functions and ways of enhancing the vaping experience, but most will at least be 510 thread compatible, like most pre-filled oil cartridges. So, if you have a 510 thread vape battery, start experimenting with different vape accessories! You may just find that it was exactly what you were looking for to take your vape sessions to the next level.


Best 510 Vape Attachments

Twist Hot Knife

A closeup shot of someone using a Twist Hot Knife with the LED light turned on to load a dab into an Ooze Booster

The Twist Hot Knife is a combination of our favorite vape battery, the Twist Slim Pen 2.0, and a Hot Knife attachment that connects right to the end of the battery.


Attach the Hot Knife accessory, a ceramic tip with a super thin edge, to the battery. Press the button for a few seconds to heat up the Hot Knife, and it will cut even the stickiest or densest wax (even shatter) like butter. For goopier consistencies, wait to press the button until you're loading the dab into your banger. It even has an LED spotlight at the base of the attachment now so you can cut and scoop the perfect dab in the dark!


The Hot Knife accessory attaches to any 510 thread battery, but since this kit comes with the pen, it’s easier to save your other batteries for wax atomizer attachments, coils and cartridges.


Glass Globes

A girl is holding a vape battery with a coil attached and pinching a cloud glass globe with that same pointer and thumb.

Our selection of glass globes are wax vape attachments that you can load your own wax into. There are tons of different styles and shapes depending on what your perfect hit looks like. Each attachment comes with a coil that you can load wax into, or disconnect the glass globe from the coil and screw in your pre-filled cartridge instead. You can use the glass globes for these, too! These make for huge hits and are great for low-temp dabbing… or just cool videos.


Ooze Lanyards

A blonde girl with purple lipstick is smiling and holding up her Ooze pen that's attached to a Chroma lanyard

Vape attachments aren’t always for enhancing your hit, they also can enhance the overall experience! For example, our lanyards have a retractable clip that attaches to a vape battery or disposable vape. They’re perfect for festivals, concerts, hiking, tailgating—anywhere you want to be hands-free and also easily able to take a quick hit.


Whether you’re looking for a simple vape attachment, like a coil, cartridge or wax atomizer, or just a fun accessory like our glass globes or a lanyard, there are tons of ways to spruce up your vaping experience and make it even easier to vape your way on-the-go!


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