How to Use C-Core Devices with a Bong

How to Use C-Core Devices with a Bong

If you didn’t already know about this unlikely couple, we’re here to put you on it. Vape batteries and bongs are actually a match made in heaven, especially when you use our C-Core devices that have a built-in water pipe function. So, what’s so special or different about combining your vaping device and bong? And how do you even use this glorious twosome for the best experience possible?


Why We Love C-Core Devices as a Bong

A girl with long pink acrylic nails is holding a red Ooze Glyco freeze bong that has a red and black Ooze Verge dry herb vape turned upside down and inserted into the bong

Your bong will stay cleaner

Instead of using your typical bowl and a flame to take hits from the bong, you’ll swap it out for your vape instead. Vape devices don’t use combustion of material, like when you light dry herb in a bowl, so dark residue won’t build up inside your bong. Plus, it smells way better than when combustion is used instead of vaporization of your cannabis.


Water from the bong provides a more comfortable hit

Even though vaping is typically easier on the throat than a regular bong hit, combining the two actually provides the smoothest hit of all. When using vape devices with a bong, the distance the vapor has to travel increases, cooling it down even more. Additionally, the water from the bong will moisten the vapor slightly, making even huge hits way less harsh.


Terpene flavors are enhanced

For the same reason the hits with a vape/bong combination are super smooth, the taste of that hit will also be even better. C-Core devices are designed already to maximize terpene flavors due to perfectly even heating at lower temperatures. Add in water from a bong or bubbler and that vapor gets cooled down even more, further highlighting each and ever tangy terpene.


No need for a lighter or a torch

Instead of lighting up bud for your bong, creating tons of smoke that sticks to everything around it, all you need to do is click a button. The convenience and no-mess aspect of not needing a lighter or torch for a big, satisfying hit makes vape devices and bongs perfect for each other.


How to Use C-Core with a Bong

Two C-Core devices have the built-in function to be used with a bong or water pipe. These vaping devices are unique in that they are made with state-of-the-art ceramic that evenly heats the wax or dry herb and is totally heavy metal free. It also provides sub-ohm vaporization, which keeps the overall temperature low, but still produces huge, flavorful clouds.  


The Booster

 A hand is inserting a blue Ooze Booster into a blue Ooze Glyco freeze bong to use it as a torchless dab rig.

The Booster is the dab version in our C-Core collection, and has the water pipe adapter built into the base. To use it, just remove the cap and insert the 14mm adapter into the bong’s downstem.

Booster Pro Tip: if you have a 10mm bong that has a relatively flat opening, you can remove the glass adapter from the Booster and press the silicone right against your piece. It won’t create a perfect seal, but it creates enough of one for it still to work!


The Verge

 A girl is taking a puff from a red Ooze Glyco freeze bong that has an Ooze Verge dry herb vape inserted

The Verge is a dry herb vaporizer that has a water pipe adapter (currently sold separately). It’s a magnetic piece that replaces the mouthpiece, so all you need to do is pack it up with bud, get your session temperature and time set, and start the heat cycle with the click of a button.

Verge Pro Tip: wait until your device reaches your ideal temperature before you flip it over and insert it into your 14mm bong. It’ll heat more evenly that way!


To take your vaping experience to the next level, try combining the rockstars of cannabis devices into one. A C-Core vaporizer and a bong or water pipe complement each other perfectly, and make for an outstanding session for seasoned smokers and newbies alike!


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