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Dorm Room Hacks: Never Get Caught Smoking Inside Again!

Dorm Room Hacks: Never Get Caught Smoking Inside Again!

Layne Alfred |

Moving into your first dorm is super exciting, but you might be thinking: wait, how am I going to enjoy my precious cannabis after a long day of classes? Collectively, we’ve put together a few tips if you want to light up in your dorm.

Now, these are merely suggestions. As always with smoking indoors, it’s at your own risk. These tips are not guaranteed to keep you out of trouble, especially in dorm buildings where it’s strictly prohibited. But, if you’re going to do it anyways, we feel we should at least do our part to help you avoid getting caught!


1. Move Smoke Out the Window, Not the Door

green towel under the door of a bathroom with joint in hand and pink lighter

A classic move is to stuff a towel or two under your door and open up the window. Towels tucked tightly at the bottom of the door will stop too much smelly smoke from seeping out into the hall. Just make sure the room is nice and aired out from the open window before you step out of the room.

A box fan in the window can help move the smoke out more quickly, just make sure it is blowing air OUT of the window, and not back into your room. This way, you can feel more confident enjoying cannabis with a water pipe, dab rig or bowl in your dorm room.


2. Deodorize the smoke

A young women with blonde hair and glasses smoking out of a sploof

In addition to keeping smoke locked inside, you can make your hit a little less pungent. Make a "sploof" with an empty toilet paper roll filled with dryer sheets to blow your hit into. After stuffing some into the roll, wrap a dryer sheet (or several) around one end and secure them with tight rubber bands. Exhale directly into the sploof and aim it right out the open window. This will help filter out some of that herbaceous aroma.

Or, cut a hole in the bottom of an empty water bottle, stuff it with dryer sheets, and blow your smoke directly into it through the top.

3. Skip the smoke and opt for vapor

A young brunette woman is sitting at a desk with papers and binders scattered across. She is wearing a white blouse and smoking a black Ooze Quad vape pen battery. There is a cloud of smoke coming out of her mouth and covering some of her face.

Vaporized cannabis, unlike when it’s ignited with flame, doesn’t produce a lingering odor. Vape pens also won’t hot box your room—vapor dissipates quickly, like a little cannabis ghost. If you’re anxious about smoking flower in the dorm, the Twist Slim vape pen is both discreet and portable.

If you really don’t want to switch over to oil and stick with your flower, go for a dry herb vaporizer. Our powerhouse dry herb vape is the Verge, built with our smart ceramic (C-Core technology) that heats up the bud more evenly than your bowl ever could. Plus, your tiny dorm room won’t look all hazy and reek of sweet herbs.

Two friends are "cheersing" their Ooze Verges, both devices are on

The Flare is a college-budget-friendly option for vaping your bud, and it super easy to set up. Just unscrew the mouthpiece cap and lightly pack in your bud—you don’t want to pack it too tight or else the flower won’t get heated as evenly. No one will suspect a thing, even if they walk in a few moments after a hit. For extra peace of mind, exhale the vapor into the sploof you made. 


Other suggestions from the Ooze Community:

  • Light a candle and use smoke eliminator spray.
  • Get an air purifier to help clean the air.

Keep an eye out for more dorm room hacks from Ooze to keep you feeling confidently lifted!



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