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Start an Ooze Subscription

Start an Ooze Subscription

Jane Wagner |

We are SO excited to announce that we now offer subscriptions! You can now set yourself up to automatically receive shipments of the Ooze products you use most often.

It’s never been easier to maintain your devices thanks to our subscriptions. You can now send yourself a fresh pack of atomizers for your vape, or refills for all your cleaning supplies on a monthly basis. Keeping your devices clean will help to make them last for years.

How to Start an Ooze Subscription

You can find all the products we offer on subscription here. Click on your desired product to take you to the product page. From there, follow these steps to set up your subscription:

  1. Select the Subscription option instead of “One Time Purchase”.
  2. Choose how often you want to receive your subscription. We recommend the monthly option!
  3. Finish adding products to your order and check out. There aren’t any extra steps you need to take.
  4. Your subscription is all set! You’ll receive your order once we process it, and it will automatically renew each month (or however often you selected when adding to cart).

Can I update my Ooze Subscription?

You have complete control over every aspect of your subscription. Log into your Ooze account to make changes at any time.

You can add or delete items from your subscription. You can skip a month, pause it, or cancel completely whenever you want.

There’s just one teeny tiny catch. To avoid getting charged, just cancel or pause your subscription before your renewal date. You can find your renewal date in your account info.

Once midnight strikes and your renewal date arrives, your order is processed and it’s out of our hands.


Setting up your Ooze Subscription is easy, and it makes taking care of your devices as easy as possible. There’s no excuse for letting them get all gross when we are sending you fresh atomizers and cleaning supplies every month!

Start a Subscription

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