10 Gifts Under $20

10 Gifts Under $20

Even if you’re shopping on a budget, you can still show up with awe-inspiring gifts, thanks to your friends at Ooze. In this economy, your friends and family might have set some price limits this holiday season. Our guide for gifts under $20 is full of amazing stocking stuffers, gifts for coworkers or your hairdresser, and definitely ones that will win every White Elephant. 


1. Twist Slim Pen 1.0, $18

A white woman's hand is holding up a white Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen with an oil cartridge attached while watching a friend take a swing at Top Golf.

Everyone needs a reliable vape battery, and you can get it with just $18. It’s compatible with all 510 thread cartridges and even wax attachments for dabs. It looks like a pen, making it discreet… and easy to wrap!


2. Hot Knife, $15

4 Ooze Hot Knife attachments are shown, 3 connected to Ooze Slim Twist Pens and one is laying next to a rainbow battery.

The Hot Knife is the perfect stocking stuffer for wax connoisseurs. This handy little dab tool screws onto any 510 thread battery and heats to cut larger slabs of wax like butter. This also ensures that no wax is left behind on the knife so you never waste a morsel. 


3. Aura Tray, $10

A rainbow Ooze Aura rolling tray is laying on an angle on top of bright, striped background.

Behold the gold standard of rolling trays. The beauty of the Aura Tray, besides it’s shiny rainbow finish, is that you can gift it to anyone. Even if they don’t roll joints or even smoke, the Aura Tray is an eye-catching piece that can also be used as a jewelry dish, key holder or soap tray. The possibilities are endless!


4. Smell-Proof Wristlet, $13

A smell proof black Ooze Wristlet is being carried outside, and is unzipped to show that it contains a hand pipe, pop top vial, and a lighter.

This little number is a gift everyone needs and no one has. Lined with smell-proof carbon material, nugs will stay fresh and completely undetectable, even in a crowded room. Everyone will be fighting over this one in your stoner White Elephant!


5. EZ Pipe, $6

A pink Ooze EZ Pipe is laying in a pile of yellow leaves.

What beats a hand pipe under $10? A smokeless hand pipe with a built-in lighter sleeve… also under $10. “Smokeless” means the bowl piece is enclosed, so no smoke escapes while you inhale the hit. It’s a high-tech-looking piece that will upgrade any stocking.


6. ConNectar, $14

A white girl in a Techno shirt is using a green Ooze ConNectar attached to a Polar Pearl Twist Slim Pen 2.0

This innovative attachment instantly transforms any 510 thread battery into a dab straw! It’s easy to connect to your pen and even simpler to take a dab right from the container. The ConNectar comes in 7 brilliant shades, so you can give a different color to everyone at the party.


7. Bowser Pipe, $15

Two Ooze Bowser pipes, the blue white mix and the purple, are held in a hand outside. 

Anything from this colorful collection of silicone-glass hand pipes will be a joy to open Christmas morning. A silicone exterior protects the Bowser’s glass tube and glass bowl, so it’s virtually unbreakable! Consider it the perfect stocking stuffer for your less-coordinated BFF.


8. Glass Blunt, $9

A white girl's hand with bright pink nails is holding a fully packed Ooze Glass Blunt Slider in front of a light green wall.

The Slider Glass Blunt is a gift for your flower-loving friends. It’s so much easier and quicker than rolling up a joint or even using a traditional glass one-hitter. This one has a glass tube inside the blunt that slides back and forth, making it super easy to pack.


9. Prizm Stash Jar, $15

A Rasta Ooze Prizm stash jar is full of weed with the lid propped up by a nug. It is on a white table against a bright red background.

Give the gift of forever-fresh herb with the Prizm glass stash jar. Most airtight glass stash jars are transparent, which protects it from the air but not from UV exposure. The Prizm has a colorful silicone armor that preserves flower or wax for much longer than typical jars.


10. Small Glass Tray, $5

A guy wearing an Oozeville shirt is holding up a small glass rolling tray with the Ooze Captain O design. 

Another great funky White Elephant idea (for under $10!) is an Ooze-designed shatter resistant glass rolling tray. If you have someone in your life who loves their glass rolling trays, upgrade them to the shatter-resistant version!


Our $20 and under gift section is packed with even more products! Check it out to cross all those last-minute gifts off your list and set yourself up for a fun holiday season with an arsenal of awesome white elephant gifts.



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