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Cooking In A Cup: Dorm-Friendly Recipes

Cooking In A Cup: Dorm-Friendly Recipes

Layne Alfred |

Convenience is everything when you’re a first-time dorm-dweller. One of the best college skills is making something edible with close to no materials. When you’re locked to your futon, Slim Twist in hand and suffering from the munchies, you’re not going to want to trek down to the dining hall. Luckily, you can make a few yummy snacks with just a mug! Here are a few of our favorites for satisfying late night munchies.

French Toast Recipe

This quick recipe will surely satisfy the post-smoke hunger, but also makes for an awesome breakfast. It only takes two minutes to whip together, so if you’re running late to that 8am class, you don’t have to sacrifice breakfast.

French Toast Recipe Cooking in a Cup Dorm Friendly Recipe

Recipe cited from prettyprudent.com.

Mac and Cheese Recipe

This recipe is great for late night munchies or even a quick, easy lunch between classes. It tastes much better than Easy Mac and even uses less waste. Plus, no cleanup necessary since you’ll cook the pasta right in your mug!

Mac and Cheese Recipe Cooking in a Cup Dorm Friendly Recipe

Recipe cited from feelgoodfoodie.net.

Pro tip: Use your Ooze Mug Pipe because not only does it double as a bowl, it’s bigger than the average coffee mug, making it perfect for dorm room “baking” (see what we did there?). Once it cools down, you can enjoy a smoke sesh without having to pick up another piece.

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