Travel in Style with Smell Proof Bags

Travel in Style with Smell Proof Bags

Our Traveler series of smell-proof bags is the stoner’s invisibility cloak. Lined with activated carbon fibers to prevent even the strongest smells from escaping, the Traveler bags and cases make you feel secure wherever you go. 

The Traveler Series is made up of five bags ranging in size— a smell proof backpacksmell proof crossbodysmell proof toiletry case, and a smell proof wristlet pouch. Whether you just need to store a few nugs or need something more heavy duty, we have an odor proof bag for every occasion. We've even blacked out our logo to keep your activities lowkey, but you still may get the occasional shoutout from other Ooze fans!


Show up to class in style this semester with the Ooze Smell Proof Backpack! Equipped with nine pockets, this smell-proof bag is designed to keep all your goodies secure. The rear pocket features a combination lock and laptop sleeve with a velcro strap to keep your laptop in place. To set your code, simply push the button to release the zipper pulls. With the button pushed in, set your three-digit code. When the button releases, your code will take precedent over the 000 default, and your bag will be secured. If you’re jet-setting or just heading to your next class, you can count on this combo lock backpack to keep your loud pack quiet and your valuables safe.

While the Ooze Life Smell Proof Backpack resembles the nostalgic backpack we all carried to school, it’s also packed with many not-so-elementary upgrades! The front compartment is equipped with a storage sleeve, a zippered pocket, and a double sleeve for storing Ooze pens. The front of the bag features a compact zippered pocket and a larger storage pocket with reflective detail for after-hours safety. It also includes a water bottle sleeve and side pocket perfect for your stoner snacks! The main pockets have enough room to hold your whole stash for quick and easy access to your nugs. Storing them in a smell proof jar adds an extra layer of smell protection. Plus, the Ooze Backpack comes in five vivid colors: Black, Purple Haze, Surf Blue, Coral Red, and Desert Sand.


Man Carrying Ooze Smell Proof Backpack in Purple Haze on his back wearing orange jacket in parking lot.


Take your streetwear game to the next level with the Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Crossbody Bag. This odor-proof crossbody is the best stoner accessory to add to any outfit and fits comfortably just under your arm or on the front of your chest. We designed it to be the perfect size for taking out to the bar or a festival so you can keep the strong smells at bay. 

When you unzip your crossbody bag, the right side opens lower than the left so you can easily access your belonging without anything falling out. The middle pocket is great for keeping everything inside organized, with a double sleeve to hold your Ooze pens and a mesh pocket for everything else. The zippered pockets on the front and back are great for holding tiny essentials or cards. Plus, it’s equipped with a slide adjuster so you can adjust your shoulder strap to fit the look you’re going for!

Women in black dress holding Ooze Smell Proof Crossbody in Gray in front of a dock on the lake.


If you’ve been looking for a travel bag for your bud, the Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Travel Pouch is an excellent choice. This toiletry-sized bag has a completely customizable storage area so you can adjust it to fit your needs. Unzip it to reveal a mesh pocket under the flap, and a double pen sleeve that rests on the top of the storage compartment to keep everything secure. This travel pouch also has a combination lock so you can keep your things safe!

The main storage compartment comes with an extra mini mesh pocket on one side and three sections separated by Velcro dividers. These dividers are removable, so you can create one large storage stash box or two sections. The choice is yours! Use this on your next flight for your shampoo and toothpaste, or keep it in your car for goodies that would stink up the joint.

Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Travel Pouch in Black filled with items


The Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Travel Wristlet is the perfect stash pouch. If you are going somewhere that isn’t cannabis-friendly, this little guy is a great bag for an on-the-go solo sesh. Just throw a personal amount in your Ooze pouch, and toss it in your bag! 

This pouch has a zipper closure and a mesh pocket on the inside for a lighter, joint, or smoking accessory. You can wear this as a wristlet, or turn it into a wallet by taking the strap off.

Ooze Traveler Smell Proof Travel Wristlet in black with glass bowl, stash jar, and lighter inside.

Regardless of the destination, the Traveler Collection will make you feel confident and secure. Pick out your new favorite stash bag today!

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