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Electro Barrel E-Rig – C-Core 2000 mAh - Galaxy Purple

The Ooze Electro Barrel is our first C-Core e-rig! This mini electric bubbler has a classic Ooze shape and features the C-Core Onyx Atomizer for a flavorful dab experience that requires no preheating.


The Electro Barrel is a powerful device packed into a friendly, easy-to-use design. The toxic barrel is an OG Ooze design, but this e-rig is hiding something special under the hood. The C-Core Onyx Atomizer powers the Electro Barrel. This provides insanely potent, smooth airflow, maximum flavor production, and more even heating throughout your session. It also ensures the vapor you inhale is 100% heavy metal free.

We designed the Electro Barrel to be simple to figure out for everyone, even first-time dabbers. There’s one button that controls everything, and you simply lift the lid to access the Onyx Atomizer. Just load your dab onto the Azul ceramic core inside the Onyx Atomizer and close the lid. Press the button 5x to turn the device on, and press and hold the button to heat up the C-Core and take your dab.

In addition to the massive, flavorful clouds the C-Core produces, the Electro Barrel adds a water component to filter the vapor for even smoother hits. All without ever needing to fire up a torch! Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional dab rig without using any butane. Just pull the water chamber down to remove it, fill with water so the small percolator holes in the downstem are covered, and replace in the rig. Use your finger as a carb cap to control the airflow via the hole in the lid!

*Beach Reel video credit to Nancy Wisely (@_nancysfancy)


  • C-CORE ONYX ATOMIZER | Load your extract into the Onyx Atomizer and experience better, faster flavor without burning through product quickly. Each dab receives very even heat, which leaves only tiny amounts of residue behind.
  • SUB-OHM VAPING | The Electro Barrel has a resistance of 0.8 ohms, which makes this a sub-ohm vape. The low resistance allows the Electro Barrel to produce more vapor to inhale while amplifying the flavors for huge, tasty clouds.
  • LOAD & GO | Using the Onyx Atomizer is so simple. Lift the lid to reveal the bucket and load your dab onto the core dish. Start off with just a tiny bit or go full dab mode. Either way, your lungs are going to feel the full power of the C-Core!
  • 2000 MAH | Pack the Electro Barrel & enjoy rip after rip without having to stop the fun to charge your device. The 2000 mAh battery provides plenty of power and lasts for plenty of sessions.
  • TORCHLESS DAB RIG | The Electro Barrel is an electric dab rig, so it removes the need for an external heat source completely. This means you get a traditional, smooth dab rig experience without the need to fire up a torch!
  • HEAVY METAL FREE | The C-Core Onyx Atomizer uses an Azul ceramic core, which is the blue heating dish in the base of the bucket. There are no exposed metal heating elements, providing you with 100% heavy metal free vaping.
  • PASS-THROUGH CHARGING | Don’t let a dead battery kill your buzz! Use the included type-C charger to use the device while it’s charging. Make sure to always use the Ooze charger, and always use a wall outlet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Silver S.

This is a wonderful little device. It fits perfect in the hand. I didn't realize that the hole in the lid was a built in carb cap. Made the hits far better. I am debating buying another just to have a backup. Small dabs are the way to go with this device, else your product could be pulled all the way through the coil and into the device. I had a learning curb and nearly ruined my first coil. Clean the device after every use. It will save you a lot of headache if you do. As someone relatively new to dabbing, this device was otherwise a breeze to set up and use. I only have 4 other wax pens/devices, but this one is my favorite.

Mary B.

Yes, once you take your Barrel apart for the first cleaning, the rubber lid of the water chamber fits LOOSELY on the chamber from then on. However, place/push the black rubber/straw piece to the Barrel first and then push/secure the water compartment on. I'm having excellent luck with it staying firmly in place. Push it in good every 5-10 hits.

I did have probs with messy cleaning and lost product. YOU HAVE TO USE SMALL DABS! And the dabs do disappear into the ceramic bowl. Judge your dab by the cloud you get. Then it's time to refill. I have cleaned out a few gooey straws, goop in the water, and goop runs into the two holes in the rubber piece. Messy messy. But I'm smarter now- SMALL DABS (even pic #2 above looks too big to me) and only refill when the clouds are down to 10-20%, Thinking to yourself "I want to refill" or "it looks empty" will only get a mess with wasted product. (Also, product gets onto the carb cap easily- annoying)

When the bowl (concentrate) is full/new, I use green (low), and then gradually increase the heat as the dab gets cooked. I'm not a newbie by any means, but a HUGE cloud will make me cough like a mf. The preheat/Sesh mode was too much for me. Cough. However, I use it later on when the dab is almost gone.

Been using this for 2 weeks now and my opinion has gone up. Once you get it/understand it-- this is amazing. ENJOY!

(If you want easy with fuller bowls- get the Beacon!)

Elizabeth R.

I'm one that loves my concentrates even tho 90% of the time they always make me choke and with this lovely little contraption the hits are soo smooth and I get to enjoy my extra curricular activities without losing a lung. Absolutely love it!


Electro Barrel E-Rig – C-Core 2000 mAh - Galaxy Purple

The Ooze Electro Barrel is our first C-Core e-rig! This mini electric bubbler has a classic Ooze shape and features the C-Core Onyx Atomizer for a flavorful dab experience that requires no preheating. 
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