Weed Containers & Mylar Bags

What Type of Jar Is Best for Weed?

Cannabis is a natural substance which means if it is left exposed to heat, light, oxygen, or moisture it can dry out and start to degrade over time. In order to keep your stash extra sticky and fresh the way the weed gods intended, you have to store it properly. So, what type of jar is best for weed anyways?

The best type of jar for storing your weed is one that is airtight, durable, and resistant to light. A regular mason jar is okay for a short-term weed storage solution but, not if you want it to stay fresh over long periods of time. However, the Ooze Prizm herb preserve stash jar is exactly what you need to keep your bud safe from the elements. It features airtight technology, a durable silicone sleeve for added protection, and a large storage capacity. Learn more in the Best Ways to Store Weed blog!

What Containers Conceal Weed Smell?

Weed usually has a super potent smell, especially fire quality bud. We understand that this can be frustrating when you want to take your weed with you but don't want everyone and their mother to know about it. Luckily, Ooze has tons of containers that conceal weed smell, so you can be lowkey wherever you and our stash go.

The Ooze Prizm silicone glass stash jar has airtight technology, which means it will keep smells from escaping the jar. Cannabis Mylar bags are also an excellent choice for concealing weed smells. Mylar is a heat-resistant form of polyester which means it will protect your precious terpenes, even if you have it in a warm space. They also provide UV light protection, and lock-in smells so you can be discreet!

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