Ooze Counterfeit Raid

Ooze Counterfeit Raid

The Ooze Slim Twist vape pen is one of the most popular and widely available batteries on the market. When products are as successful as the Slim Twist, counterfeiters attempt to profit from their popularity by making vape pens that appear, on the surface, nearly identical to the real thing. Counterfeit Slim Twist vape batteries have been popping up more and more. These fraudulent products are a huge problem for our brand and our loyal customers. We have made it our mission to crack down on counterfeits so we can protect the health and safety of our customers. 

On October 7th, US Marshals raided a major distribution center in Houston targeting counterfeit Ooze Slim Twist vape pens. The raid was successful and counterfeit products were seized and removed from the marketplace. The success of this raid is “a huge win for our business, and most importantly for our customers,” says George Sinishtaj, an Ooze Partner and Founder. 

Us Marshal seizing fake ooze slim twist batteries from a counterfeit manufacturer at Texas distribution center.

Good News for our Loyal Customers

Ooze was created because our founders were tired of seeing cheaply made, generic vape products that were unreliable and actually harming people. Ooze batteries are trademarked and manufactured with high quality standards to ensure maximum product safety. Counterfeit batteries being passed off as real Ooze products are a dangerous threat to our brand image and our customers. They only copy the outside of the Ooze battery, so the built-in safety mechanism inside every genuine Ooze Battery isn't included. This puts everyone who uses a counterfeit battery in danger.

When you buy an Ooze product from our website or a reputable store location, you can count on getting a safe product that works like it is supposed to. By getting rid of the counterfeit Slim Twist batteries on the market, our goal is to make our customers feel at ease when they hit a vape pen with our logo on it. Think you may have a counterfeit Ooze Slim Twist? Below are some key indicators to look for to make sure yours is the real deal:

Ooze Slim Twist Counterfeit Infographic


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