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Top 10 WORST Halloween Candy of All Time

Top 10 WORST Halloween Candy of All Time

Samantha Catrambone |

Nothing screams Halloween quite like candy. We all have our favorites but, some of the options are more trick than treat. After intense research and input from the Ooze community, we have come up with our hit list. Without further ado, let's talk about the top 10 worst Halloween candy of all time and why they earned their spot on the chopping block. 

10. Runts

Runts are a great candy if you love getting dental work. We are sending our dental bills to Wonka himself because these candies are unreasonably hard. To top it off, they don’t even have enough flavor for the amount of pain they cause. Runts might be the best out of this bunch but, they still deserve a reasonable amount of hate.

Runts Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

9. Smarties

If you like Smarties, it’s safe to assume you ate chalk several times as a kid. Or do you still enjoy a stick every now and then? Jokes aside, Smarties lack flavor and provide only a hint of sweetness. They're one of those candies that you aren’t excited to find in your Halloween bag but will eat and regret anyways. Plus, they don’t actually make you any smarter. Talk about false advertising...

Smarties Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

8. Raisinets

Coating things in chocolate can usually solve any problem but, these shriveled balls of hot garbage are different story. We're not sure who thought putting delicious grapes in the sun until they turned 85 was a good idea but, we can assure you it wasn’t. To make matters worse, people have reported getting Raisinents that are only HALF covered in chocolate. Get it together Nestlé.

Raisinets Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

7. Banana Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy is not an all-around bad candy. Some of the flavors are actually quite enjoyable. However, the Banana flavor is not one of them. This flavor is inedible and doesn’t even taste like bananas. It tastes more like what an Alien would make if you described bananas to them. If you actually like fake banana flavor, we are convinced your taste buds are very broken. 

Banana Laffy Taffy Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

6. Butterscotch Candy

Your grandma isn't gonna like this one. Butterscotch candy always finds itself on the Halloween candy hit list and with good reason. These candies are chip-a-tooth hard, always stale, and they don’t even contain any liquor. Talk about utter disappointment... 

 Butterscotch Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

5. Circus Peanuts

We are not sure who thought it was a good idea to have a peanut-shaped sponge taste like banana but, they need to seek immediate medical attention. However, they were the original inspiration for Lucky Charms so there is a positive aspect to these disgusting mallows. According to General Mills, one of their employees tossed them into his cereal and found the combo delicious. Shoutout to that guy because Lucky Charms is the only good thing that Circus Peanuts have ever done for the world. 

Circus Peanuts Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

4. Tootsie Rolls

Although Tootsie Rolls were revolutionary in 1905 as the first individually wrapped candy on the market, that doesn’t make them any less disgusting. We are not sure who wanted chocolate-flavored taffy but it's simply not a flavor and texture combination we can get behind. Plus, chocolate isn’t even an official ingredient in Tootsie Rolls. Make it make sense... 

 Tootsie Rolls Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

3. Good & Plenty

Let's make one thing clear: Good & Plenty candies are not good, and we do not need plenty of them. Who decided that making black licorice into pink and white pills was a great idea? This candy feels like a practical joke only, no one finds it funny.

Good & Plenty Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

2. Candy Pumpkin

Allow us to introduce you to Candy Corns less popular cousin, Candy Pumpkins. Candy Pumpkins are essentially Candy Corn made into a bigger mold with green food coloring instead of white. And yes, they are just as disgusting. Some may say they are even worse than Candy Corn because they take longer to eat. If this mouthful of chewy high fructose corn syrup sounds like a fun time to you, please see yourself out.

Candy Pumpkins Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

1. Candy Corn

Candy Corn is easily the most controversial Halloween candy. Some people actually love candy corn's infamous layers of burnt sugar and corn syrup while others have a disdain for their existence entirely. Here at Ooze, we prefer real corn. These little kernels from hell just aren’t doing it. Did you know that Candy Corn isn't even the original name? At first, they were called “Chicken Feed” and their tagline was “something worth crowing for.” If you still enjoy these you should really get yourself evaluated. 

Candy Corn Halloween Candy Illustration by Jenna Stanley

There ya have it, the worst Halloween candies of all time. We sincerely apologize to anyone who has been personally victimized by any of these disgusting "candies". Don't worry, we have your reparations.

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