What is a Nano-Glazed Pod?

The Nano-Glazed pod is where you load your flower into your Ooze C-Core dry herb vape. It is a large 0.5g capacity chamber that's coated in our proprietary smart ceramic. These vaporizers use 3 different types of heat to make sure you're getting the most out of each bowl pack.

The Verge's Nano-Glazed chamber is a magnetic pod that easily pops out of the device. This makes dumping out your used herbs way easier.

This also means that you can easily refresh your device without having to buy a whole new device. Just like switching out an atomizer in a wax pen, you can swap a clean chamber into your device if yours has gotten super dirty and gunked up over time.

  • Conduction Heat

    The sides of the chamber are made of special ceramic that heats up quickly and locks in your desired temperature.

  • Convection Heat

    Hot air blows up into the chamber through the holes on the bottom. This circulation makes sure the chamber is an even temp inside.

  • Far Infrared Heat

    Far infrared energy is used to penetrate through to the center core of the chamber. This ensures the THC and terps on every last leaf gets vaporized!

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