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Introducing the Verge Dry Herb Vape

Introducing the Verge Dry Herb Vape

In our opinion, most dry herb vapes tend to leave much to be desired, especially for how expensive they can be. While they seem to produce vapor that does give you a buzz, a lot of them are so inefficient that you end up wasting your weed. We decided to take this issue into our own hands, and developed super advanced dry herb vaporization technology as part of our patented C-Core collection. 

A white girl with long red nails packs weed into the nano-glazed chamber of the Ooze Verge dry herb vape.

This resulted in the creation of our Nano-Glazed ceramic atomizer that is the power source of the Verge dry herb vaporizer! Not only does this special new ceramic heat up super fast and locks into a temperature for the entire session, it uses an entirely new heating method never before seen in dry herb vapes. We’ll dive into the nitty-gritty specifics in this blog to give you a better understanding of how it all works, and why it’s the absolute best dry herb vaporizer you can buy! 


What is the Ooze C-Core? 

The Ooze C-Core is the future of vaping! We developed a proprietary ceramic formula that heats faster and produces stronger flavors with more vapor that is 100% heavy metal free. The C-Core, or ceramic core, is the power source in each device that uses this smart ceramic to expertly vaporize whatever you want to smoke, whether it’s flower or concentrates. 

The Ooze Verge nano-glazed atomizer heating pod is on its side with the mouthpiece to the right. Both are laying on a reflective black surface.

For dry herbs, the C-Core is inside the Nano-Glazed atomizer. This is a magnetic heating pod with a 0.5g chamber made entirely of the smart ceramic. The pod design has a unique airway that circulates air all throughout the pod.  


How does the Nano-Glazed Atomizer work? 

The Nano-Glazed smart ceramic has a unique structure that helps it to heat up quickly. Once it reaches the temperature you selected, it will stay at that temperature for the entire session without having to keep using energy to heat parts of the chamber back up. 

The ceramic used in other dry herb vapes is a lot more uneven than ours, which means it has a bumpy structure that creates pockets of heat. Since the heat isn’t even, it’s impossible to evenly vaporize your flower. This leads to some bud getting overcooked and burnt, while some fresh leaves are still inside the chamber waiting to be vaporized. AKA, you’re wasting weed! This problem will never even cross your mind with the Nano-Glazed atomizer. 


The Verge’s 3 Heat Methods 

In addition to the fantastic heat retention capabilities of our Nano-Glazed ceramic, the Verge uses three different heating methods to make sure every last cannabinoid is vaporized. Most standard dry herb vaporizers use conduction heat, convection heat, or both. The Verge utilizes both of these, plus a third very new method: far infrared energy. 


Conduction Heat 

The conduction heating method is essentially the Nano-Glazed ceramic technology we covered earlier. The ceramic covers the entire chamber, so all sides and the bottom of the chamber are in contact with consistent, powerful heat. Thanks to the ceramic’s very uniform structure, the entire surface of the chamber maintains the exact temperature you selected for the whole session. 


Convection Heat 

A rainbow Ooze Verge is on an angle with curved arrows pointing into the sides of the device and one straight white arrow pointing out of the mouthpiece.

The convection heat has to do with the airflow that circulates around while your weed is being heated. The ceramic is hot, so it makes the air inside the device hot, too. The heating pod pulls air in through the two sides of the device, and into the sides of the pod. This causes the air to churn through the leaves in the chamber, which results in more even heat. 


Far Infrared Energy 

The final boss of Verge heat methods is its far infrared energy capabilities! This energy penetrates deep into the middle of the chamber, getting to those sneaky leaves hiding in the dead center. It’s the infrared that sets the Verge apart and makes it the most efficient dry herb vape your money can buy. Ooze is the first to harness this energy for the noble cause of making sure none of your weed is ever wasted! 



Stick the Verge in a bong with the water pipe adapter 

One of our favorite parts of the C-Core collection is that you can smoke without ever igniting a flame! The Booster and Electro Barrel both allow you to add water filtration for even smoother smoke, but those are for concentrates. We wanted to provide the same opportunities for smoking flower, so we created a water pipe adapter for the Verge! 

A white girl with long, light blue acrylic nails is using an Ooze Verge with a purple Ooze Glyco bong. The Verge has the water pipe adapter attached.

The adapter is a magnetic accessory that replaces the mouthpiece on the Verge. Just pull the mouthpiece off and snap the adapter into place. Turn the Verge on and get your session ready to start. Flip the device upside down and insert it into the downstem of your 14mm bong, then start the session. Enjoy uninterrupted bong rips without ever needing to flick your lighter! 



How long does the Verge battery last? 

The panther black Ooze Verge dry herb vape is plugged into the type-c charger and is 10% charged with a large blue battery icon on the screen. It's laying on a white surface on an angle.

Another huge benefit of how efficient the Nano-Glazed ceramic is that it actually makes the battery last longer. The Verge has a powerful 2500 mAh battery inside, which is a beast to begin with. This big old battery plus the smart ceramic is the perfect combination for getting the most sessions out of each charge as possible. 

The chamber only needs to use energy to heat up once because once it reaches the temperature, it traps the heat and stays at that same temperature without having to expend any extra energy. While it will depend on how hot you set the temp and how long you make the session, you can expect to get 10-12 full sessions out of each full charge of your Verge! 


All 4 Ooze Verge colors are lined up with a different shut off screen on each.


We could go on forever about how amazing we think the Verge is, but we’ll cut ourselves off for now. You’ll have to try it for yourself to truly believe us anyways! When you bring a Verge home, you can be sure you’re bringing home the smartest dry herb vape on the market.  


A white girl with light blue nails holds a black Ooze Verge. The screen says "and that's showbiz, baby!"


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