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Signal Replacement Vapor Coil 2-Pack

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The Signal wax pen has a super deep atomizer bucket that can pack in a lot of extract at once. Over time you’ll need to replace the atomizer coil, so grab a 2-pack of coils to refresh the device for pure, tasty dabs.  read more
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The vapor coil tips are the piece of the Signal under the mouthpiece cap that is screwed into the battery base. The small chrome piece has two rubber seal rings and special holes around the bottom that create the patented air injection pathway. All colors of the Signal have the same chrome coil tips, so you don’t have to worry about matching it to the color pen you have.

Replacing your Signal coil is super easy. Pull the mouthpiece cap off, then twist the original coil to remove it. Discard it, and replace it with a fresh, new coil. Load in your dab, replace the cap, and get back to dabbing!


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