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Duplex 2 – 900 mAh C-Core Vaporizer - Rainbow

The Duplex 2 is the C-Core version of a classic Ooze vape. It now features 3 ways to vape; use your 510 carts (now fully concealed!), load a dab into the onyx atomizer, or use it as a nectar straw with the XL C-Core tip!


Are you ready for the second coming of the Duplex!? The original Duplex has been an Ooze favorite since it was released, and even won awards like Best Vaporizer at the High Times Cannabis Cup! While the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” we are more on the side of “if we can make a good thing great, why not?”

The Duplex 2 is still a flex temp device with 4 voltage levels, a trigger-style button, and a heavy duty 900 mAh battery. However, it now offers three unique ways to vape: 510 oil carts, load dabs into a bucket, or screw on the XL nectar tip and use it as a dab straw. We got rid of the magnetic adapters, you just screw your cartridge or attachment directly into the device. This means it is now the first fully concealable Ooze vape!

If you’ve used a C-Core device for concentrates, then you’re already familiar with the onyx atomizer that is used for taking dabs. The Duplex 2 includes one of these, and you can take rig-sized dabs right out of this handheld device! The proprietary azul ceramic core is 100% heavy metal free and heats up insanely quickly and evenly.

The XL nectar tip features that same blue ceramic for the tip of the nectar straw. It screws onto the bottom of the Duplex 2 and can be dipped right into your jar of wax. Skip loading your dab into a bucket entirely!

The Duplex 2 is equipped with IntelliThread technology, which means that it can sense what you’re attaching to it (a cartridge, the tip, or the atomizer), and then provides the perfect resistance for that attachment. This provides that sub-ohm, low resistance experience the C-Core is known for, while being able to create big clouds for the massive variety of 510 oil cartridges out in the wild. The Duplex 2 is down for whatever you want to smoke!

Keep your Duplex 2 working as well as the day you opened it! We have replacement parts to refresh anything that gets gunked up, lost, or broken over time. Make sure you look for the replacement part boxes with the red and black design, these are specifically for the Duplex 2. We’d hate for you to order parts for the wrong device!


  • 3 WAYS TO VAPE | The Duplex 2 is the most versatile C-Core device! It includes an azul ceramic XL nectar tip and onyx atomizer for concentrates, and is also compatible with 510 oil cartridges.
  • C-CORE ONYX ATOMIZER | Screw the Onyx Atomizer into the Duplex 2 like it’s a 510 cart, and load your extract in to experience better, faster flavor without burning through product quickly. Each dab receives very even heat, which leaves only tiny amounts of residue behind.
  • XL NECTAR TIP | The Duplex 2 is the first-ever C-Core nectar straw! These handheld devices make dabbing less messy. Screw the tip onto the base of the device and use it like a straw, dipping it into your jar of concentrate. The tip features the same azul ceramic that’s in the Onyx Atomizer, providing the same benefits.
  • CONCEALED 510 CARTRIDGES | Another first, the Duplex 2 is Ooze’s first fully concealable device! Your oil cartridge is completely contained while you’re hitting it, with no part of it visible. This looks less like an Ooze pen or weed vape and more like a heavy duty vaporizer.
  • INTELLITHREAD TECHNOLOGY | The Duplex 2 is incredibly smart. It features special IntelliThread tech, which is a sensor that tells the device exactly what you screw in, so it can perfectly match the resistance level for maximum clouds and flavor.
  • SUB-OHM VAPING | Thanks to the IntelliThread tech, when you screw in your onyx atomizer, you’ll enjoy a sub-ohm vaping experience with super low resistance. This creates great airflow inside the device, creating huge clouds and amplifying terpene flavors.
  • BUILT-IN CARB CAP | When you’re vaping a 510 cart or dabbing with the onyx atomizer, you can use a finger to control the airflow through the base of the device! The small hole that the XL tip screws into doubles as a carb hole when the tip isn’t connected.
  • PASS-THROUGH CHARGING | Don’t let a dead battery kill your buzz! Use the included type-C charger to use the device while it’s charging. Make sure to always use the Ooze charger, and always use a wall outlet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

great lil Pipe with real smooth and full.

Keith V.
My second one.

Hopefully the battery won’t burn up like my first one and refuse to turn on. I really like it.

Adam H.
What I needed!

It's the right size, the always on draw though function for 510 carts is fantastic.
It also feels.good in the hand.

The rainbow Ooze Duplex 2 extract vape is shown with the magnetic trigger plate leaning against the side

Duplex 2 – 900 mAh C-Core Vaporizer - Rainbow

The Duplex 2 is the C-Core version of a classic Ooze vape. It now features 3 ways to vape; use your 510 carts (now fully concealed!), load a dab into the onyx atomizer, or use it as a nectar straw with the XL C-Core tip! 
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