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Give Your Body a Break with Dry (Herb) January

After months of holiday parties, sometimes it’s necessary to give the body a break from the booze and start the New Year off on the right foot. Although we didn’t exactly find ourselves raging in our Santa hats with coworkers and friends, many of us still got into the wine just as much as years past. It was still fun, and it still hurt just as much the next morning. That’s why “Dry January,” a month without alcohol, sounds like just what the doctor ordered… until around January 15.   


So, in an effort thelp make Dry January more successful for everyone, we thought we’d introduce Ooze’s edited version: Dry (Herb) January. If the idea of Dry January is to allow the body to recover, why not use the restorative properties of cannabis to help the process along? 


Instead of cutting out every “substance” in your life, try incorporating cannabis into your routine—mindfully and healthily. Cannabis helps us chill out and acts as a reward after a long day. Since alcohol does the same thing for many, allowing yourself to take the edge off with cannabis can curb your craving for alcohol. Here are our tips for having a successful Dry (Herb) January! 


 1. Associate cannabis with productivity  

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Make a healthy habit out of your smoke sessions in the evening by setting your intentions for the next day. You can meditate, journal, meal prep or pick out your outfits for the rest of the week. You’ll enjoy these activities much more, and wake up feeling refreshed and accomplished.  


 2. Start fresh with a new piece

A white female hand holds the Ooze Kettle 2-in-1 Hybrid Pipe in After Midnight colorway. There is a blue dab tool attached to the magnet on the downstem and the banger is inserted.

Since you’re practicing self-discipline (yay, you!), reward yourself with something else, like a new piece. With a fresh pipe, you’ll actually look forward to your alcohol-free month! Take your smoke session to the next level with our Cryo pipe, which freezes without producing any condensation. The result is a super cool and smooth hit. Or, gift yourself the silicone Kettle 2-in-1 bubbler that suctions tight to any surface, and has the look and feel of a fun new toy.   

 3. Think up new hobby  

 A blue Ooze Novex vaporizer battery is resting on a piece of art that is being colored in. It's laying on a bed with a blue Platinum Vape Cartridge box and a few colored pencils on top. There is a pile of markers and other colored pencils off to the left.

Cannabis always gets the creative juices flowing, so take advantage of that and try something you’ve always wanted to. Activities like drawingtending to houseplants or a garden and building allow you to really get in the zone, especially with a little buzz. Instead of reaching for a beer and heading for the couch, spark one up and dive into your new hobby.  

 4. Move your body

A white female hand holds a white Size Up shaker bottle and the teal Ooze Piper Chillum Handpipe hybrid. They are held up in front of an open, white gym locker with a dark coat hanging inside.

Exercising is a great way to boost your endorphins naturally, and many find it distracts from craving those dopamine-sparking substances, like alcohol. Even so, you may be able to get even more from your workouts with a little cannabis. Not only does it aid in muscle recovery after a workout, it can help motivate you to get moving in the first place.  


If you’re taking a break from alcohol this month, don’t feel like you need to hide the bong away, too. After all, cutting out all of your vices at once usually isn’t sustainable. Unless refraining from cannabis is one of your goals, try incorporating a little Mary Jane into your routine to help you keep your January booze-free.  


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