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The Best Holiday Gifts for Potheads

The Best Holiday Gifts for Potheads

Layne Alfred |

No need to reinvent the wheel when you’re holiday gift shopping for the potheads in your life. Stick with what you know works, which is obviously cannabis-related devices and gear! We know there’s still a lot out there to choose from in the cannabis world, so we’ve got a list of the best cannabis gift for all your friends and family members!

1. Smell-Proof Crossbody Bag

A guy wearing a black crossbody bag is opening the front pocket

This sleek and stylish crossbody bag isn’t your ordinary everyday carrier. With a smell-proof carbon lining throughout, it’s something every stoner needs. It could be used simply as discreet storage for raw flower and wax, but the adjustable strap and design is enough to convince anyone to wear it around everywhere. It has sleeves inside just for vape pens, and lots of other storage pockets, also making it great for your festival-loving friend.

2. Booster Extract Vaporizer

A girl has her Booster inserted in a Glyco Freeze pipe and is using it like a dab rig

For any one your cannabis-loving friends, you can’t go wrong with the Booster. This device works as a water dab rig and a vaporizer for extracts of all kinds. It’s perfect for your friend who wishes they could dab on the go, or who just wants to simplify everything in life. The Booster is also a great gift for Dad who smokes weed but might just be getting into wax instead and needs an easy solution to experiencing all the ways to dab.

3. Ooze Gift Card

If you know your friend is an avid weed enjoyer, but aren’t sure what they would like, an Ooze gift card is the perfect gift. This way they can pick what they’ve had their eye on that no one knows. You’re just pointing them in the right direction and reminding them to treat themselves to it!

4. Bucket Hat

The Ooze Chroma Bucket Hat is facing forward

For your friend or family member with outrageously vibrant style, get the bucket hat pronto before it sells out for the holidays. Bucket hats have always been a staple for potheads, and with a trippy and colorful design, they are bound to love it.

5. Ooze Poker Set

The 300-piece Ooze Poker Set is fully assembled in the protective briefcase with all chips showing

If your giftee is a little more sophisticated, get them the Ooze 300-Piece Poker Set. The translucent candy green dice and colorful Ooze chips are truly irresistible, and are sure to give any game night some extra pizzazz. Everything comes in a sturdy, lockable briefcase.

6. Time Warp Clock

The Ooze Chroma wall clock is hanging on a wall next to a pink photo

This analog wall clock is an affordable gift for that youthful spirit in your life. The Chroma design is limited edition and will be gone come 2024, so get your hands on it now so you can start their Ooze collection for them!

7. Ooze Winter Gift Pack

The graphic for the Ooze Winter Gift Pack shows a beanie, tumbler, chroma Twist Slim pen 2.0 and a green splatter Twist Slim 1.0

This bundle is a super fun gift to open since it includes winter essentials and two ways to vape. It comes complete with an Ooze beanie, a snowflaked Ooze tumbler, and two different colors and versions of our Twist Slim Pen. With our discounted bundles, you can gift everything to one friend or divvy it up between those on your list and end up saving big. Check out all of our bundles here!

This holiday season crept up on a lot of us, but it’s here, so start your holiday gift shopping now! With this list, you can check off all the potheads on your list and be confident they’ll love what they open. For additional gift ideas, check out our main Gift Guide!


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