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Best Wax Pens of 2023

Best Wax Pens of 2023

When you think about dabbing without a huge bong or giant torch, it’s no wonder why wax vape pens have become so popular in the cannabis community. Wax pens, or dab pens, have made dabbing portable and easier to use than traditional dab rigs. And even though we obviously love all wax pens for those reasons, there are some that rise above the rest in terms of durability, portability and overall quality. Before we get in to the best wax pens of 2023, let’s go over the most important aspects of a good wax vape pen.


What makes a great wax pen?

There are a few things to look for in a wax pen before investing in it. A high quality wax pen will heat the wax evenly, provide optimal terpene flavor, be durable and portable, and of course, be as safe as possible to use.

That’s why we love ceramic coils for all dabbing devices. Since ceramic is more heat resistant than other commonly used materials, like quartz, it heats up faster and then locks in that heat for much longer. This prevents any heat pockets and will ensure your wax vaporizes evenly every time, which also enhances the flavor of each individual terpene.

Ceramic is also great for wax pens because it’s completely heavy metal free, which tends to be much safer than metal or cotton wicks. 

So, if you’re looking for a quality and affordable ceramic wax pen, look no further than our C-Core collection.


What is C-Core?

C-Core is a revolutionary product launch that includes a range of wax pens for all dabbing styles. Each is made of proprietary Ooze ceramic, which is a more advanced material than our competitors, who charge a lot more for their devices. We’re dedicated to getting you high without the high prices, so creating an affordable but high quality ceramic dabbing device was at the top of our list of priorities.

Our ceramic C-Core devices work for every type of material, including raw flower, dabs and oils. The secret to the quality of each device is our Onyx atomizer, a ceramic piece that’s included in each one. It increases and circulates airflow around the entire device when being heated, producing a powerful hit each time.

Check out our favorite wax pens of 2023!


1. The Booster


A blonde girl is holding out her rose gold Booster and smiling

The Booster device is our double duty powerhouse. This little number attaches directly to your bong so you can ditch your torch altogether. Just remove the cap and insert the adapter end of the Booster to your dab rig for an extra smooth hit due to the added water filtration. Or, use the Booster on its own as a torchless handheld dab rig that’s easy to take on the go.


2. The Beacon

A brunette with space buns in a black crop top is holding out her rainbow Ooze Beacon

For the best travel pen, grab the Beacon. It’s like the Booster and our best-selling Twist Slim Pen 2.0 had a babyit’s got the high quality ceramic and torchless dabbing capability, but is slim and designed to be our most portable wax pen. You can keep the Beacon in your pocket at all times and it will remain discreet and safe.

Plus, it’s the simplest to use, making it perfect for beginner travel dabbers! Just twist the mouthpiece to open, load your wax onto the ceramic core, and put the mouthpiece back on. All that’s left to do after that is click the button to heat the wax, and inhale to take your dab!


3. (BONUS!) Unassuming Ripper: The Electro Barrel

A girl is loading a dab into her rainbow Ooze Electro Barrel with a black hot knife

Meet the Electro Barrel, the unassuming ripper. It may look innocent and be small enough to keep in your pocket, but it rips huge clouds. It’s a little different than just a wax pen because it has a water bubbler aspect to it. And why shouldn’t you be able to have a portable e-rig complete with a water chamber?

While it may not be a wax “pen” with a typical vape pen style, it’s still one of our favorite products of the year, and has gone viral multiple times on Instagram and Tiktok, so of course we had to mention it.


Wax pens are perfect for beginners and seasoned dabbers alike, making the C-Core devices some of the best wax pens of 2023. To check out all of our C-Core devices, click here!

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