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5 Tips for De-Stressing During the Holidays

5 Tips for De-Stressing During the Holidays

Layne Alfred |

Even in all their twinkling glory, the holidays can still be stressful. Traveling, spending money on gifts, and just trying to fit all the activities in can be a hassle. But Ooze is here to remind you that the holidays should be a time to relax and actually have fun with friends and family.


Our favorite way to de-stress during the holidays? You guessed it: some good ole’ cannabis. It always helps keep us present and makes “mundane” tasks more fun. Not to mention, we think it’s the best way to spread Christmas cheer (sorry, Buddy the Elf—singing works, too), get everyone out of their shell, and make this holiday season the best yet.


1. Burn one for a little motivation

 The Scarlet Ooze Cranium Hybrid Water Pipe is packed and being smoked while someone is baking. There is a big stand mixer with stuff in the bowl, and several other bowls around the mixer with ingredients.

Make a list of your holiday to-dos and start to tackle them one by one… with a packed piece by your side. Activities you might have been putting off, like baking or addressing Christmas cards, will actually be fun. Plus, you’ll feel relieved that you have a couple less tasks to worry about.  


2. Get a good night’s sleep with a CBD bath

 A point of view shot from someone relaxing in a bathtub with bubbles. There is a black Ooze Saturn Globe Grinder and black bong on the side of the tub. There are also some toiletry bottles and a green loofah hanging from the faucet.

Warming up in the bath is a great way to reset, but throwing in a CBD bath bomb kicks the relaxation up a notch. CBD provides relief, physically and mentally, without causing any psychoactive effects. Soaking in a CBD bath relaxes muscles, reduces inflammation and even soothes irritated skin. Take your bath right before bed for a pain-free and sound slumber. Unlike THC, CBD should never make you feel foggy the next morning—you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated from your well-deserved rest, ready to tackle holiday to-dos.  


If you want to take this relaxing routine up another notch, try meditating during your bath. Finding time to sit and meditate is difficult, especially during the busy holiday season, but if you’re already devoting 15 minutes to a bath, you can practice your meditation at the same time. If you’re new to meditating, start by just trying to focus on bodily sensations in the tub, and when your mind starts to wander, be mindful enough to bring it back to the simplicity of the present.


3. Bring out the best in your friends and family 

Sometimes holiday anxiety stems from being in close quarters with family members you haven’t seen in a while. This year, try bringing some low-dose edibles to your holiday parties for your curious family members. You might be surprised by family members who partake! It’s sure to break the ice and take the edge off for everyone. 


4. Take a hit to go

 A close-up shot of a woman's black leather crossbody bag. There is an Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen and travel size bottle of hand sanitizer sticking out of the outer pocket.

Days at the mall before Christmas are long. Avoid the irritability of not finding many gifts after two hours of shopping and keep your Ooze pen on hand. You’ll have the stamina to browse just a little longer and will definitely be more relaxed and present while doing it. Plus, a little cannabis is just the thing for a little extra inspiration when shopping. Let’s not pretend finding the perfect gift is easy!


5. Just chill… your bong

 The Aqua Teal Ooze Glyco Glycerin Bong is chilling in a freezer. The bong is on a lower shelf, and the matching Glyco bowl is on the upper shelf.

How can you still be stressed after a cool, refreshing hit from the bong? The Cryo bowl and Glyco bubbler both cool down the smoke, thanks to the colorful glycerin in the chamber and bowl that freezes. The result is a super smooth hit guaranteed to chill you out. Stick it outside in the snow before packing one up!


Take some extra time to yourself with these Ooze-approved de-stressing activities. The holidays are stressful for everyone, so don’t forget to share the secret to your mellow with loved ones, even if they’re not regular cannabis users. After all, Mary Jane always knows how to cheer us up!

Still have some holiday shopping to get done? Check out our Gift Guide or make it easy and grab a gift card!


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