The Benefits of Ceramic Vapes

The Benefits of Ceramic Vapes

Vaping cannabis is popular because it’s cleaner, more versatile and more discreet and portable. Over the years, there have been tons of innovations in the world of vaping devices, and we’ve been experimenting with different materials. One of the best ways to vape is with ceramic coils.  


Ceramic is 100% heavy metal free

Whenever you’re vaping, heavy-metal free materials are the only logical choice. Ceramic atomizers don’t contain metal or cotton wicks, making them safer to inhale. The ceramic material is absorbant, so there's no need for additives that aren't pleasant to inhale.


Metal coils are less heat resistant and also more prone to burning, giving you that burnt taste when they get overheated. Ceramic coils on the other hand are very heat resistant and stay hot longer so you get a smooth, flavorful hit every time.  


Ceramic heats material super evenly 


A graphic showing how the azul c-core ceramic is absorbent

Another benefit of ceramic being heat resistant is that it always heats incredibly evenly. It heats up really fast and locks in that temperature due to its high capacity for heat absorption, so there are never any heat pockets, blasts of heat or quick cool downs. This way, you’ll never have clumps in your dab or residue spilling out from overheating. Your dab or weed will vaporize evenly every time! This alone makes it a superior material for vaping. It also makes it run more efficiently, so not only will your bud, oil or wax last longer, so will your battery.  


Our C-Core Products  

A banner showing all the C-Core Devices: Verge, Booster, Beacon, and Electro Barrel

Our line of C-Core vaping devices uses ceramic so you get the most even heating every time. This increases the flavor of all the individual terpenes due to its even heating and allows for huge clouds that are still smooth and never burnt.


We have C-Core devices for every type of material, including raw flower, dabs and oils. Each contains our Onyx atomizer, a ceramic piece with a unique design that allows airflow to whip around it, producing a super powerful hit. 


The Onyx Atomizer's blue dish is facing the camera and a large pink arrow is showing the bucket is deep

Ooze's special azul ceramic in the Onyx Atomizer has millions of tiny pathways that your dab seeps into, and then instantly vaporizes. Since there is just a small amount of extract in each crevice, it gets heated as evenly and efficiently as possible. 


The Nano-Glazed heating pod for the Ooze Verge is shown on an angle with squiggly teal arrows blowing out of the chamber

The Nano-Glazed ceramic used in C-Core flower vaporizers is designed to quickly reach a precise temperature and lock it in for your entire session. It has a fancy heat chain that prevents heat pockets and cold spots. The result is a perfectly toasted bucket of ground bud, ready to be made into edibles!


Check out all our C-Core products here, and be on the lookout for new additions to our ceramic line of vaping devices! 

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