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Collection: Stoner T-Shirts for Men & Women

Stoner T-Shirts for Men & Women

What Do Stoners Wear?

When people describe stoner fashion, their answers usually are very stereotypical. Most would probably repeat outfits from stoner characters like scooby doo wearing ill-fitting or baggy clothes or classic drug rugs. They’d probably also mention anything that had a weed leaf pattern too.

However, tons of fashionable stoner outfit ideas don’t include stereotypes. Our custom Ooze stoner t-shirts are designed for weed enthusiasts with style. These stoner graphic tees feature unique designs from our talented in-house art team, perfect for concerts, events, or day-to-day.

How to Dress Like a Stoner

Being a stoner means you have a ton og small smoking accessories to keep track of throughout the day like lighters, rolling papers, and your stash. With so many tools in the trade, it’s important to dress functionally. Wearing a comfortable Ooze graphic tee is just what you need in your wardrobe to dress like a stoner.

Remember, loving cannabis is a lifestyle! Your functional high fashion needs to represent just that. That's why our funny stoner shirts can be paired with anything. Plus, they are at an affordable price so you will have plenty of leftover cash for your next restock at the dispensary!

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