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Faster Heating. Better Flavor. Smarter Vape.

  • The most efficient, even heating experience ever. No residue, puddles, or clumps allowed.
  • Turn up the volume on natural terpene flavors thanks to our patented ceramic formula.
  • The C-Core ensures all product is vaporized, making routine cleaning easier than ever.

    About the Onyx Atomizer
    Load your dabs into this deep bucket with a flat Azul ceramic heating core. Super even heat creates more vapor with stronger flavors & vaporizes every last bit of your dab.

    Key Features:
    • 100% heavy metal free
    • Maximum efficiency airflow
    • Less residue = easy cleaning

    Specs & Tech
    • Our deepest atomizer bucket ever
    • Special Azul ceramic acts like a micro sponge for your dab
    • There are millions of tiny pathways for extract to evenly spread across
    • Low coil resistance (sub-ohm) heats faster, amplifying terp flavors & cloud size
    • Add a drop of isopropyl alcohol to the Azul core & heat the device to clean the core!

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    About the Nano-Glazed C-Core
    The Verge features a heating pod with a special ceramic formula and uses three different types of heat to penetrate deep into the center of the chamber, not just around the sides.

    Key features:
    • Biggest dry herb chamber
    • Most even heating
    • Smarter battery = more sessions

    Specs & Tech
    • Load up to 0.5g of ground flower in the chamber
    • Special far infrared heat gets to the center of the chamber
    • Ceramic formula heats up faster & stays hot longer, using less battery power per session
    • Make your flower last longer with more efficient vaporization
    • Less residue = easy cleaning! Pop the magnetic heating pod out for quick maintenance

    Coming Soon - Nano Glazed Atomizer 
  • C-Core Smart Ceramic

    Ooze uses only the absolute best ceramic materials available in C-Core devices. Our Smart Ceramic has a secret pattern that quickly and evenly heats and vaporizes your cannabis, no matter what form you use.

  • Onyx Atomizer

    All C-Core devices for concentrates use the Ooze Onyx Atomizer. This is the deep, black bucket that you load your dab into. It has a flat blue dish in the bottom and a special airway that begins on the thread.

  • Azul Ceramic Dish

    The Azul ceramic heating dish is the blue dish in the bottom of the Onyx Atomizer. The Azul ceramic has millions of pathways for a dab to spread out evenly, so it instantly vaporizes & leaves no residue behind.

  • Nano-Glazed C-Core

    C-Core devices for dry herbs use the Nano-Glazed C-Core. This is a ceramic heating chamber that uses 3 types of heat to vaporize flower evenly.

  • Coil Resistance

    The coil resistance of a vape device is measured in ohms. The lower the resistance, the faster the atomizer heats up, producing more vapor with stronger flavors. Less than 1 ohm is optimal.

  • Sub-Ohm Vaping

    Sub-ohm vaping is when you use a vape device with a coil resistance of less than one ohm. The Onyx Atomizer's resistance is 0.8 ohm, making all C-Core concentrate devices sub-ohm vapes.