Give the Gift of Clean Glass
with Ooze Resolution

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Preserve Your Piece with
NEW Ooze Resolution Res Wipes!

Cleaning stubborn resin and oils does not have to be a pain. With the new Ooze Resolution Wipes, you can clean bongs, bangers, bowls, and more in under a minute!

Why Should You Wipe Away Resin?


Your pre-smoking ritual is just as important as your post-smoking ritual. If you always have snacks planned for after you smoke, you've already started to ritualize your sesh. Just add in wiping down your piece before your sesh so it isn't ruined by resin!


If you want to keep your piece for many smoke sessions to come, you have to treat it like your favorite pair of sneakers. So, don't wait for it to get gross, and preserve your piece by wiping away resin frequently.

Health & Safety

Resin and oil can wreak havoc on your lungs. Smoking out of a dirty piece is bad for your health and diminishes the flavor of your bud. Wiping your piece clean before each sesh will help you maintain a safe and healthy stoner lifestyle. 

How To Wipe Your Pipe:

1. Collect Dirty Glass

Ooze Resolution Wipes can be used on dirty bangers, bowls, dabbers, ashtrays, stash jars, battery connection points, and more.

2. Wipe Wipe Wipe

Grab Ooze Resolution Wipes and get to work. The resin will instantly glide off glass and leave you with a piece that looks brand new.

3. Smoke Smoke Smoke

Now, you can enjoy using your essentially brand new piece without having to think about any resin getting into your lungs.

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Clean More Than Just Glass!

Res Wipes work great on all sorts of glass bongs, pipes, attachments, and accessories, but they can be used on so many different items!

Scrub down your silicone pieces, metal accessories, rolling trays, and your tabletop to quickly get rid of any sticky residue. You can even use Res Wipes to get that nasty stuff off your hands once your pieces are clean! Our formula is super tough on resin and grime, but gentle enough for your skin.

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Why Is Cleaning Your Glass Piece So Important?

Keeping your glass piece clean is so important when maintaining a healthy stoner lifestyle. Cleaning your glass pieces regularly will help you preserve your piece and will lead to a healthier sesh experience.

The Ooze Resolution blog covers tons of important topics like why it's important to clean your glass and why mold in your bong is scary.

Check it out!

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