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Tanker Battery

First Time Use Instructions

Register you Battery

To activate your battery's warranty, go to our Product Registration Page and register using the authentication code located on the back of your pen. 


To turn your battery on and off, click the circle button on the front of your battery 5 times.

Prep Mode

To activate your vape batterie's preheat mode, click the circle button 2 times while the thermal chamber is screwed onto the top of the battery. Preheat mode is 15 seconds and will blink the color of the voltage it is set to. If the thermal chamber is not attached, preheat mode will not activate and the button will flash purple to show this error.


To change your battery's voltage settings, click the circle button 3 times. The four temperature settings are:

2.7V White

3.2V Blue

3.7V Green

4.2V Red

These are the only 4 voltage colors you will see. If your battery is showing another color and you did not buy your battery from our website, it could be a counterfeit product!


You can charge your ooze pen from the right side of the pen using the micro USB charger that is included with your battery.