Set Your 2022 Goals (& Stick to Them!)

Set Your 2022 Goals (& Stick to Them!)

The burning question on all of our minds is: will 2022 be “normal”? Regardless of whether it will feel that way, only you have the power to make your 2022 amazing. Instead of focusing on the collective experience, take a moment to set priorities for yourself this upcoming year. Your “New Year’s resolution” doesn’t have to be daunting or even profound—it just has to be attainable! 

In this blog, we will lay out our top tips to accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself! 

 1. Set Your Routine 

Once you determine what you want to accomplish in 2022, it is time to build your daily routine. Plan out tasks for each day that will get you one step closer to your end goal. Make sure to include other activities like exercise, cooking, meditating, or other relaxing and enjoyable projects. Even though they may not directly affect your goal, taking time for yourself will allow you to keep your mind clear and focused. Life is all about balance!

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 2. Celebrate Your Wins

Whatever your resolutions are, make sure to track your success. This can be journaling every day and recording your accomplishments of the day, no matter how small. Or, if you’re working on limiting indulgences like food or even cannabis, taper off with a digital scale. Record the amount every day until and even after you reach your goal. It will help you feel in control and show you that, even if you feel like you’re not making progress, you are!

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 3. Nurture Your Support Systems

Make it a goal this year to reunite with your closest supporters. These are the ones that will help you achieve all your other goals! Lean on these friends and family members for support by expressing your goals to them and letting them keep you accountable.

Make coffee plans with local friends you haven’t seen in a while, and reach out to long distance friends to let them know you’re thinking about them. You might even send them a little gift like an Ooze pento remind them of your good times and get them excited for your reunion! 

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4. Keep It Moving

Even if getting more exercise isn’t one of your main goals for 2022, it can help motivate you to tackle other activities. You can start small and incorporate a walk into your daily routine or set aside a half-hour to work out on home gym equipment. To increase motivation, experiment with cannabis as a pre-workout! It can also be great for post-workout recovery and relaxation. Kicking back with a joint feels so much more rewarding after a good sweat!

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5. Track Your Finances  

After all the holiday spending, it’s a great idea to start focusing on saving and making sure you’re aware of all your finances. One of the most effective ways to do this if you’re just starting is to download a budgeting app to your phone! Truebill is a great option that also tracks your subscriptions, so you can easily cancel or postpone certain payments with the click of a button. Mint is also a very popular option that syncs all your accounts, loans, investments, and more. Getting your finances in order is a little like spring cleaning—you’ll feel great with more room to save for something in the future.

Whatever 2022 has in store, face it with optimism and get ready to tackle your goals! 

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