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with the Ooze Digital Screen

Talk to Your Pen • Check Your Levels • Get Connected •
  • Battery Indicator

  • Flex Temp

  • Connection Detection

Novex 2 Screen Features

Our original palm-sized pocket vape got a makeover! The Novex 2 features a colorful LED screen, a battery indicator, pulse wave technology, and a lower voltage range for better flavor production. 

Ooze Digital Screen Vapes

Novex 2

Always know what your pen is thinking! The Novex 2 puts it all out there for you. See all the important info with a quick glance.


This beauty of a dry herb vape has a fun personality to match! Dial in your session to the perfect temp and time. You never know what it's going to say when you turn it off!

Smart Battery

Keep it simple with the Smart Battery. This screen may be tiny, but it tells you everything you need to know. L1-L5 are your voltage levels, click the button 4x to check battery life.


While this cute little flower vape has plenty of flair, the screen couldn't be easier to understand. The battery icon shows how much juice is left & your chosen temperature is always on the screen.


Our OG flower vape was also our first device to have a screen! Go back to where it all started and set your sesh up for success.