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Ooze Resolution Spotless Cleaning Kit – Green

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It’s never been easier to keep your pieces clean at all times thanks to the Ooze Resolution Spotless Cleaning Kit. This upgraded version of the kit includes the new Precision Micro Swabs that are pre-soaked in alcohol, plus a pouch of Res Gel cleaner, 4-pack of silicone Res Caps, a stic... read more
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There’s no better choice for cleaning your bongs, pipes, rigs, and any other glass piece than Ooze Resolution Res Gel! This powerful cleaner dissolves stuck-on resin and layers and layers of buildup. Pour it into your bong, tilt it around until the entire inside is coated, pour the excess gel right back into the pouch, and plug up all the holes with the Res Caps! Let it soak for 10 minutes to an hour, depending on how dirty it is, then rinse with warm water. You can also drop your smaller glass pieces right in the pouch to soak!

We’ve been looking for a better way to clean vaporizers and smaller pieces for a while now, so we have to pat ourselves on the back for this one. The Precision Micro Swabs are so fast and easy to use! They have a much skinnier shape than standard cotton swabs, and both ends are already pre-soaked in rubbing alcohol, but they won’t drip all over. They are also individually-wrapped, so you can bring one or two along anywhere! Plus, the 100ct box is an insane bargain.

Use the long and skinny stick brush to clean your downstems and other hard to reach places in your bongs and rigs! It should do just the trick to finally clear all the reclaim out of the neck of a banger. Once you’ve finished and rinsed your pieces out, dry them off with the Res Rag before the next use.

  • 1 Pouch of Res Gel Cleaner
  • Silicone Res Cap 4-Pack
  • 100ct Precision Micro Swabs
  • 1 Stick Brush
  • 1 Res Rag

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