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Full Quartz Bubble Carb Cap

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The quartz carb cap is a replacement piece for the Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig. This bubble style carb cap is also compatible with plenty of other dab rigs and hybrid pieces. read more
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Looking for a replacement carb cap for your Toxic Barrel Mini Rig, or a favorite dab rig you have at home? Look no further than our Full Quartz Carb Cap! This is a small, bubble style carb cap that is the same piece that’s included with the Toxic Barrel Mini Rig. You can also set it in the banger of tons of other mini rigs and smaller dab rigs. As a bubble carb cap, this is a glass bubble with straight, short tubes extending out of the top and bottom. These create the airflow, and the bubble rests on the top of your banger after you’ve heated it up and loaded your dab in. Cover the top hole with a finger and swirl it around the banger to make sure that every last drop of your dab gets vaporized.
  • CARB CAP | A carb cap is an essential accessory for taking dabs. It creates a vacuum inside the banger that makes sure that no vapor escapes into the air and is wasted.
  • ALL QUARTZ | Quartz is the ideal glass material for all dab rigs and accessories, so we made this carb cap entirely out of quartz. It will stay cool enough to touch while you swirl it around your dab.
  • BUBBLE | The bubble style carb cap is a simple piece that is also easy to clean. You can drop it right into a pouch of Res Gel, let it sit, and then run it under warm water for a quick clean.
  • REPLACEMENT | This is the same carb cap that is included with the Ooze Toxic Barrel Quartz Mini Rig. If yours broke or got lost, you can replace the original with this product.
  • MINI RIGS | This carb cap can also be paired with many other mini rigs and small dab rigs, especially bangers with a 10mm joint.
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