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Ooze Fusion Vaporizer Wax Pen Kit - Rainbow

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The Fusion Wax Pen is a 510 thread vaporizer designed for concentrates. It includes 3 styles of coils, a reaction chamber, mouthpiece, and a 650 mAh battery that can also be used with pre-filled oil carts. read more
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The Ooze Fusion perfectly fuses together the capabilities of a wax pen for concentrates and a vape pen for oil cartridges. This device was designed with concentrates in mind, and is a dab pen first and foremost. The Fusion kit includes 3 different styles of coil (ceramic rod, quartz rod, or ceramic donut), so you can experiment and figure out what your preference is. Different forms of concentrate will perform differently with different coils, so it's nice to have a variety on hand! Screw the coil onto the 650 mAh battery and attach the discreet reaction chamber with the mouthpiece on top. This reaction chamber provides space to milk the hit to create much larger clouds and allows you to inhale more vapor in a single breath. The screen in the mouthpiece catches any hot splatter from a big glob of wax. The Fusion can also be used with pre-filled 510 thread cartridges. The cart attaches to the battery the same way you'd attach the coil. Press the button to heat the cart and take your hit!
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