How to Clean the ConNectar Dab Straw Attachment

How to Clean the ConNectar Dab Straw Attachment

With the ConNectar Dab Straw Attachment, dabbing anywhere has never been easier. This super cool vape attachment has made portable dabbing a fun and easy experience. However, dabs are super sticky and can gunk up your dab straw if you do not clean it regularly. When it comes to maintaining the ConNectar, it is important to make sure your coil is clean and functioning. The ConNectar is not a disposable device and with a simple cleaning routine, you can make sure your Clapton coil lasts for a long time. Read this blog for tons of tips for keeping your dab straw attachment clean and ready for your next sesh! 


How To Clean the ConNectar Dab Straw Attachment 

If you are new to cleaning your ConNectar, you will be happy to know that the process is super easy because your attachment can be taken apart so you can get in all the crevices! Below, we will give you a step-by-step guide to clean your Dab Straw and the ConNectar Clapton Coil.


1.Take Your ConNectar apart

Step 1 of Cleaning the Ooze ConNectar: Take It Apart

Your ConNectar Dab Straw Attachment comes apart into three separate pieces: the Dab Straw, the Coil, and the ConNectar Cap. We suggest cleaning each part by itself so you can get into every crevice possible! 


2. Use a Resolution Cleaning Brush to Clean Inside the Dab Straw

Step 2 of Cleaning the Ooze ConNectar: Use Ooze Resolution Brush to clean the Dab Straw

To clean your dab straw, we suggest using the Ooze Resolution Cleaning Brush to clean the inside of the straw. These tube cleaning brushes are constructed with stainless steel and nylon bristles with makes them super durable! Just take an Ooze Resolution Wipe, put it on the tip of your brush, and clean the inside crevice.


3.Use Ooze Resolution Wipes for Coil Maintenance and Quick Cleaning

Step 3 of Cleaning the Ooze ConNectar: Clean with Ooze Resolution Wipes

The Clapton Coil inside your ConNectar provides a large surface area for the wax and is designed to highlight the range of flavors in your terpenes. Cleaning your Clapton Coil after every use will ensure the most potent and flavorful hits possible. To clean the Clapton coil tip, we suggest wiping it down with an Ooze Resolution Wipe once it is fully cooled down. You can also use an Ooze Resolution Wipe to clean the rest of your ConNectar in between deep cleaning sessions. 

When should I replace my Clapton Coil?

Clapton Coil Replacements for the Ooze ConNectar

How often you need to change your Clapton Coil depends on how much you are using it and at what voltage settings. On average, we suggest switching out your coil every 4 to 12 weeks. If you want to learn more about maintaining your coil, check out our 3 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Ooze Coil blog. When you need to replace your Clapton Coil, we have 2-pack replacement boxes so you have more than just one backup coil and can keep on dabbing! 

It does not have to be difficult to maintain your ConNectar Dab Straw Attachment. If you follow our tips and tricks, you can count on your dab straw every time you are craving a hit! 

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