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Best Vape Pen In The Industry

5 Year Warranty

Every Slim Twist comes with an industry-leading 5 year warranty to provide every customer with peace of mind when they purchase the world's best vape pen.


Safety Features

Slim Twist pens are designed with safety mechanisms to protect against overheating and come with a smart USB charger that auto shuts off when fully charged!


Battery Life

This 320 mAh device is equipped with built-in battery extending feature that preserve battery cells to keep the pen lasting as long as possible.

How To Use Your Slim Twist Pen

Your Slim Twist Questions Answered

What Temperature Should I Set My Vape Pen To?

When it comes to batteries, temperature settings aren’t one-size-fits-all. We’ve put together our tips for finding the best temperature for your vape sesh while still protecting your battery.

Why Is My Vape
Blinking Green?

Is your Ooze pen flashing green? Read this blog to learn how to fix your vape pen battery before contacting our customer support team.

How to Charge an Ooze Vape Pen:

Charge your Slim Twist battery with an Ooze USB charger for approximately 1-2 hours. Learn more by reading the blog!


How to Use Your Slim Twist for the First Time

1. Register Your Slim Twist to Activate Your Warranty

Locate the authentication code

on the bottom of the device

and fill out our

Warranty Registration Form

to activate your warranty.

2. Attach Your Cartridge

Screw your 510 thread oil

cartridge or wax

attachment onto the

top ofthe pen.

3. Select Your Temperature

Turn the dial on the bottom to

select your desired voltage.

We recommend always starting

at the lowest level.

4. Power It Up!

Click the button 5 times to

turn it on.

Click 5 times again to turn it


5. Run a Cycle of Prep Mode

Click the button 2 times to

activate Prep Mode.

This heats the atomizer for 15

seconds without holding

the button to clear any clogs.

6. Take a Hit!

Press the button down and

inhale to enjoy a potent hit.

It will stop heating after 10 seconds to preserve terpenes.

How to Spot a Counterfeit Slim Twist Battery:

The Ooze Slim Twist vape battery is one of the most popular and widely available batteries on the market. When products are as successful as the Slim Twist, counterfeiters attempt to profit from their popularity by making vape pens that look similar to the real thing. However, these fake Slim Twists are NOT made with the same built-in safety features that are inside each authentic Ooze vape battery. We craft every Ooze pen to the highest quality standards in the industry to ensure maximum product safety. Making sure your Slim Twist is legit is key to protecting yourself. Here is our list of things to look for so you can spot a counterfeit battery:

1. When charging: Ooze Smart Charger lights up RED and the battery lights up GREEN.
2. When fully charged, the charger light should turn GREEN and the battery light should be OFF.
3. Your battery charger should have GROOVES.
4. The vape button should ALWAYS light up green.
5. A real Slim Twist vape battery have a PROFESSIONAL finish.
6. Authentic Slim Twist vape pens have a METAL casing.
7. Every real Slim Twist battery will have a HORIZONTAL dial line.
8. Real Slim Twist batteries have an authentication code ABOVE the dial.
9. The PRICE point of a real Slim Twist will be $20.

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