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10 Strains to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

10 Strains to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Layne Alfred |

If you tend to feel tired and unmotivated for half the year, it might be more than just a case of the winter blues. People across the country experience seasonal affective disorder (or SAD, fittingly) in the winter months, but it’s especially common for those in northern states with shorter, colder, sunless days.

SAD is mostly caused from a lack of sunlight, which can disrupt your body’s internal clock and even stunt serotonin production, the happy hormone. And when the body’s natural rhythm is interrupted, it can cause all sorts of symptoms on top of general depression, like insomnia, weight gain and more.

Common treatments for SAD include light therapy and medication, but we know one of the best ways to ease depression and get re-inspired is a little cannabis! In general, cannabis can help you sleep better, increasing energy levels throughout the day. Cannabis also helps regulate mood swings and can even improve focus, making it an effective and natural way to treat SAD. Here are our 10 favorite strains that are sure to give you a little boost of sunny energy in the long winter months.


1. Tang Tang

A stock photo of a nug of Tang Tang from Leafly.

This sativa dominant strain is great for a wake-and-bake. If you have a busy day ahead of you and no motivation to do anything, Tang Tang provides a euphoric feeling that will get you excited for just about anything.


2. Pineapple Express

A stock photo of a nug of Pineapple Express from Leafly.

Just like the comedy, Pineapple Express is sure to cheer you up any time. It’s an energizing hybrid strain that gives you a boost of creativity while keeping you focused. It’s a long-lasting, cerebral high that has a smooth comedown, perfect for treating depression or anxiety.


3. Durban Poison

A stock photo of a nug of Durban Poison from Leafly 

Durban Poison is a popular strain for combatting anxiety due to it’s energizing, but not over-stimulating, qualities. Instead of just lying around on your day off, you might be inspired to create a new recipe, paint a canvas, or call up your friends for a chat.


4. Ginger Snap

A stock image of OozeX Ginger Snap THCa Diamonds in a glass jar

A dab of Ginger Snap Diamonds is like having an energy drink! These little diamonds give you a boost when you need it most. Plus, if you’re feeling unmotivated, there’s no cleanup involved with this concentrate because it won’t leave your dabber sticky. 


5. Jack Herer

A stock photo of a nug of Jack Herer from Leafly

This potent sativa strain is great when you need to take the edge off but want to remain clear-headed. Users have described it’s effects and calm and blissful but still motivating.


6. Lemon Swirl

A dab of OozeX Lemon Swirl live resin concentrate is balanced on the tip of an Ooze Hot Knife

This sugar wax strain delivers a blast of sweet, pine and citrusy flavor that’ll perk you right up. With the clarity, relief and calmness it evokes, Lemon Swirl is also perfect for morning dabbers.


7. Sour Diesel

A stock photo of a nug of Sour Diesel from Leafly

After a long, stressful day, sometimes you need something hard-hitting. This cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk has dreamy and euphoric cerebral effects that that will immediately help you unwind.


8. Maui Wowie

A stock photo of a glass jar of OozeX Maui Wowie Live Resin concentrate

Breathe a sigh of relief, because this Maui Wowie concentrate is like dabbing sunshine. If you’re in a winter funk, this strain will bring you back to life like a long vacation.  


9. Green Crack

A stock photo of a nug of Green Crack from Leafly

When you feel like you’re just dragging through the days, Green Crack will bring sharp focus and energy back. This makes it a great daytime strain that will kick depression to the curb.


10. Sourdough Kush

A stock photo of a nug of Sourdough Kush from Leafly

Ready to lighten the mood? Sourdough Kush makes users feel giggly and excited, which is sometimes all you need to get out of the winter blues.


If you’re looking for a natural solution for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms, look no further than these strains. Cannabis can be more effective and even more economical than medications, so try a few in a freshly cleaned bong or dry herb vape and see the improvement in your SAD symptoms.

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